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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2008 Vol.26 Issue.2
Published 2008-03-25

1 Orthogonal experimental study effect of main geometry factors of splitter blades on pump performance
YUAN Shou-qi, ZHANG Jin-feng, YUAN Jian-ping, FU Yue-deng
A L9(34) orthogonal experiment was designed with four factors and three values respectively,including splitters bias angle in peripheral direction,deflection angle,its inlet diameter and blades numbers.Fused Deposition Modeling craft was adopted to make the nine impellers and three impellers with different blade numbers and without splitter blades.Performance tests were conducted.The test results show the common effects of splitter blades as follows: the curves of Q-H are more flat,the curves of Q-η move to the larger flow rate,the district with high is efficient broadened,and the curves of Q-P are steeper.By range analysis,the primary and secondary sequence of the four design parameters of splitter blades were obtained,meanwhile the test results in larger flow rate were also analyzed,which has the same primary and secondary sequence,and more schemes that can meet the design request.It shows that the pump with splitter blades can be operated in larger flow rate.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 1-5 [Abstract] ( 1325 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 314KB] ( 1573 )
6 CAD software development for hydraulic design of semi-spiral suction chambers
LIU Hou-lin, WANG Kai, TAN Ming-gao, LIU Kun
The hydraulic design methods for semi-spiral suction chambers are summarized systematically.The calculating methods and mathematic models of all sectional areas are given.The CAD software of the semi-spiral suction chambers is developed by making full use of Visual C++ 6.0 and ObjectARX 2000 developing tools based on AutoCAD 2002.The semi-spiral suction chambers of single and double suction pumps are designed respectively.The data interface for the development of its parametric three dimensional modeling is provided by the CAD software.The software is easily used and its design result is reliable.Moreover,the application of the software may greatly shorten the developing period of semi-spiral suction chambers and promote the design efficiency.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 6-9 [Abstract] ( 1481 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 217KB] ( 1628 )
10 Body-fitted grid generation in double-channel pump impeller and CFD analysis
ZHAO Bin-juan, YUAN Shou-qi, LIU Hou-lin, HUANG Zhong-fu, TAN Ming-gao
Based on the differential equation method,a body-fitted grid generation code was developed for the 3-D body-fitted structured grids.Laplace equation with additional source terms was employed,and source terms were built according to Thompson and Sorenson′s thought by interpolation of exponential function.With the grid generated by this method,the turbulent inner flow within the double-channel impeller was calculated.It is concluded that the grid has good quality to improve the efficiency and precision of inner flow calculation within the double-channel impeller,its size can be human controlled,and grid lines are orthogonal to boundary walls to feed in turbulent wall boundary conditions conveniently.After approp-riate adjustment,the code can also be used to generate the mesh of other irregular flow channels.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 10-14 [Abstract] ( 1302 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 345KB] ( 1242 )
15 Design for modeling 3D double-channel impeller in Pro/E
QI Xue-yi, ZHANG Jing, HOU Yi-hua, YANG Guo-lai
The impeller of double channel sewage pump is different from common centrifugal pump.So the method of building 3D model needs to be further explored.Modeling 3D shape of the impeller in Pro/E was carried out.3D passage center-line is generated by projection,then it is made as the original tra-jectory to produce inner passage by command sweep and blend,with passage cross-sections as sections.Inner passage center-line is extended to the outer diameter of the impeller with its rule formula,the curve resulted is regarded as a original trajectory,and sections are placed in proper position through outer passage profile line.Then the outer passage can be made by command sweep and blend.A failure to form double-inner-channel is very likely to be encountered during the process of transforming 2D drawing to 3D model of double-channel impeller.If such thing happens,the position and direction of cross-section should be adjusted first,then the shape of cross section and passage center-line can be changed.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 15-18 [Abstract] ( 1537 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 260KB] ( 1494 )
19 Fracture failure analysis of high-temperature tower bottom slurry oil pump′s impeller
HU Jing-ning, SUN Yan-li, GONG En-xiang, TIAN Hai-ping, LI Zhi-qing
Fracture often occurs suddenly at the start-up to the impeller of high-temperature tower bottom slurry oil pump when it has been used for a period of time.To find the cause of this phenomenon,some possible factors are considered.A series of experiments were done from the macroscopic inspection which was aimed at the breakpoints to the microscopic tests,such as material composition test and hardness measurement to the impeller.Metallurgical structure test to the breakpoints were done to the model in which this phenomenon most occurred.Thermal shock theory was also applied to the failure analysis to the impeller.The analysis and test proved that there are serious casting defect in the impeller and deviation during the heat treatment and strength reduction in high temperature environment.Among them,stress derived thermal shock were the main cause for the failure of impeller.Through the improvements in the aspects of impeller structure,casting and heat treatment process,and the operating regulation during star-up,the problem of impeller fracture has been basically solved.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 19-22 [Abstract] ( 1398 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 309KB] ( 1142 )
23 Important effect of state of water quality on cavitation pressure performance of pump device
CHANG Jin-shi
Through the experimental study on the cavitation pressure characteristics at different water qualities important conclusions are drawn.When water is at temperature of 20 ℃ the value of cavitation pressure of the clear water depends on the quantity of the ionization of cosmic rays at the ground;while the cavitation pressure characteristic of the sediment-laden water depends only on the density of sediment-laden in the water.The article gives the theory and method to calculate and confirm the suction head Hs and the cavitation margin NPSH by considering the effect of water quality on the cavitation pressure.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 23-26 [Abstract] ( 1076 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 328KB] ( 1451 )
27 Mechanism analysis and numerical simulation of special type of no-moving-part valve piezoelectric pump
HE Xiu-hua, JIANG Quan-ying, ZHANG Rui
A special type of no-moving-part valve was introduced.The diffuser efficiency at different inlet velocity was obtained by numerical simulation.It was found that the diffuser efficiency of the special type of no-moving-part valve was higher than that of diffuser valve.The flow field of piezoelectric pump is divided by means of dynamic mesh,and UDF programmer was inputted to express the motion mode of piezoelectric membrane,which was transferred into FLUENT software,and then solid-liquid coupled simulation was done.Flow characteristic at different vibration modals was given.It was verified that piezoelectric pump has a better fluidity when the pump membrane near the first order vibration modal.It is correct and feasible to use the dynamic mesh model to the numerical simulation of piezoelectric pump.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 27-30 [Abstract] ( 1243 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 281KB] ( 1538 )
31 Numerical simulation of rotational interior flow in self-priming pump
WANG Chun-lin, SI Yan-lei, ZHENG Hai-xia, PENG Na, ZHAO Bai-tong, ZHANG Hao
The three-dimensional incompressible turbulent flow of coupled impeller and volute was simulated by using reynolds time-averaged N-S equations,the standard k-ε turbulent model, three-dimensional non-structural tetrahedral mesh and multiple reference frame of rotating fluid mechanical model.The velocity and pressure distributions in the volute and impeller were obtained.The relative velocity and pressure distributions in the impeller interior were analyzed in detail.It was proved that the interior flow field of impeller is nonsymmetrical due to the interaction of impeller and volute in different relative position.The velocity in the volute nearby the impeller outlet was higher.It was found that the interior flow in the volute was turbulent due to its complicated structure,and can result in some loss.In addition.It was revealed that those vortexes exist nearby the clapboard and in the separation chamber.The reason was analyzed and discussed.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 31-35 [Abstract] ( 1066 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 385KB] ( 1214 )
36 Structural characteristics and design improvements of non-leakage vertical self-priming pump
GONG En-xiang, TIAN Hai-ping, WANG Run-sheng, LI Qiang, SONG Wei-wei
Concerning to the present problems,the structure of a new type of non-leakage vertical self-priming pump is improved by fitting impeller and vane together,setting ribbed slab in moisture separation chamber to shorten the self-priming time,taking special structure at inlet to prevent siphonage without using check-valve or vacuum breaking valve,and adopting rotating dynamic seal and framework oil seal to avoid the problems such as leakage of packing seal and maintenance for mechanical seal.According to the comparison of the pre and post structures′ test results,it is concluded that the gap between vane and impeller and the structure of rotating dynamic seal have great effect on self-priming performance,and it is necessary to balance the axial force.Improved approach and analysis calculation which are useful for reasonable design are recommended in detail associated with experimental data.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 36-39 [Abstract] ( 1350 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 284KB] ( 1239 )
40 Application of genetic algorithm in optimal design of centrifugal pump
HE Xi-jie, , ZHU Guang-qi, , LAO Xue-su
Optimal design method of centrifugal pump is presented and discussed by using genetic algorithm.The optimal design of geometrical parameters for low specific speed centrifugal pump is studied by using genetic algorithm.Mathematic model of optimal design for lowmiddle specific speed centrifugal pump impeller parameter is established;multi-objective optimal design is changed into single one.The impeller parameters of low specific speed centrifugal pump are optimized through genetic operating of multi-selection,crossover and mutation and after a large number of calculations,compared with designed pump by traditional method.The results show that the pump efficiency of optimal designed impeller by using genetic algorithm is increased a little and the unstable characteristic curve is eliminated.Optimal design method by using genetic algorithm has the advantages of simple in thought,easy to realize,and notable effect in application than traditional ones.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 40-44 [Abstract] ( 1312 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 307KB] ( 1166 )
45 Numerical simulation on hydraulic characteristics in water diversion bifurcated pipes of pumped storage power station
ZHENG Yuan, YAN Ji-song, ZHANG Zhan, XU Guang-wen
The hydraulic characteristics in water diversion bifurcated pipes in pumped storage plant were calculated by 3-D numerical simulation under different operation conditions(pumping or generating)and different flow ratio(single machine operation or many).Unstructured grid was used to discretize the model,finite volume method was used to divert equation′s integral pattern into algebra equations,second order upwind scheme was used and calculated by implicit method to ensure precision,and SIMPLE method was adopted to couple pressure and velocity.Water head loss and the flow pattern were analyzed under various conditions in bifurcated pipes.It is shown that the computation results are consistent with the experimental data.Because the energy transfers after converging current from different energy,water head loss in pumping is minus,the flow pattern in generating is better than that in pumping;and water head loss is larger in generating and smaller in pumping.The results provide the basis for turbine′s running mode,and minimize the energy loss to the least.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 45-48 [Abstract] ( 1044 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 289KB] ( 1335 )
49 Model experiment of circulating cooling water pump in nuclear power plant
ZHU Rong-sheng, GUAN Rong-guo, FU Qiang, OU Ming-xiong, LI Ji-zhong
An experimental model of circulating cooling water pump for nuclear power plant is designed according to the technology request.Its configuration is presented.The hydraulic model is designed using CFD technique and is validated through model experiment.The elbow-shaped inlet channel tester for testing hydraulic loss and observing its flow state is introduced.The experimental results show that its rated efficiency is 92% and the range of high efficiency area is broad.This pump can placidly run with a low noise.The hydraulic loss for elbow-shaped inlet channel is as small as 0.723 m.In conclusion,this hydraulic model has reached advanced level compared to congeneric pumps,and can be produced locally.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 49-52 [Abstract] ( 1405 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 288KB] ( 1701 )
53 Erosion wear effects on reliability of complete fluidic sprinkler
LI Hong, CHEN Chao, XIANG Qing-jiang
Erosion wear is the main abrasion to the jet element of complete fluidic sprinkler.In order to study the effects on the reliability of complete fluidic sprinkler by erosion wear,three failure indexes about complete fluidic sprinkler were defined as droplet diameter of the distal end of sprinkler,stepping frequency and stepping angle.A wear and tear test was conducted under the mass concentration of 1%,2% and 3%.The hydraulic performances were studied in the test,including the changing rules with the time of flux of nozzle,the flux of signal tube and the diameter of droplet at the end of spray.The test results indicate that the extent of the change of hydraulic performance,droplet diameter of the distal end of sprinkler,stepping frequency and stepping angle,increase with the mass concentration,while the effects on hydraulic performance decrease gradually with the mass concentration.Signal Tube 1 is the wearing terrain,so it should be made with wear resistant material to increase the reliability of sprinkler.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 53-56 [Abstract] ( 1308 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 290KB] ( 1126 )
57 Economic analysis on application of discharge regulator in micro-irrigation lateral inlet
WANG Xin-kun
Rational design of lateral discharge regulator in micro-irrigation project will effectively improve irrigation quality,reduce project cost,but at the same time increase energy consumption.By considering the case design for 4 drip irrigation systems with and without lateral discharge regulator,the project cost and energy consumption were analyzed,the economic feasibility of the discharge regulator application was discussed,and the methods were presented to evaluate the economic feasibility.The results showed that the discharge regulator cost was not obvious to the micro-irrigation project cost;the allowable pressure head lower limit value was remarkable to the project energy consumption influence.If the allowable pressure head lower limit value is bigger than its economic threshold value,using the discharge regulator will be uneconomical.The selection and use of discharge regulator′s type,specs and running parameter for technical and economic analysis are discussed.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 57-60 [Abstract] ( 1548 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 278KB] ( 1269 )
61 Dynamic balance of dish separator used for drip irrigation
SUN Bu-gong, GONG Jun, XIN Zhou
To solve the problem of vibration in the disc separator for drip irrigation of Yellow River water-mud,the calculation and test of whole machine full speed dynamic balance of disc separator are carried out based on the influence coefficient method.The separator is fitted at the testing rig,with test spots on the top botton of bearing.The equation is the informal complex linear equation when the number of testing spots is more than that of correction planes.Conjugate transpose matrix equation is multiplied by the original equation to get the corresponding complex equations.The new equation is resolved by the method of main element elimination in the complex field.The equalized complex numbers in all adjusting planes are transformed into vectors.The approximate optimization solution of equalizing weight is calculated by programming.The specialties of resolving approximate optimization solution of inconsistent equations by the least square method are analyzed. The result shows that the balance based on method of influence coefficient method has better effects,which make the separator vibration restrained and operating effectively.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 61-64 [Abstract] ( 1258 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 268KB] ( 1149 )
65 Flow fields visualization and numerical simulation for inclined inlet passage
WANG Ye-ming, ZOU Jia-de, WU Feng
The realization of visualization of flow fields and the process of numerical simulation were introduced.Based on the display mode of the CFD simulation results,the realization platform of visualization and simulation for inclined inlet passage of pump stations was analyzed.In the Autocad environment,on the ObjectARX exploitation platform,the three dimensional display for multi-section flow field in the inclined inlet flow passage,the whole flow field visualization which based on streamline expression mode,and the flow field real time simulation based on the figure apoplexy involving the channels allusion algorithmic were realized.And the characteristics of flow field for many section of inclined inlet passage are also presented with OpenGL color functions.The results show that,flow visualization can show the distribution of the inclined type inlet flow passage directly,verify the numerical simulation results,facilitate the understanding of the computational results,and provide many informations for the optimizations of flow field.
2008 Vol. 26 (2): 65-68 [Abstract] ( 1117 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 310KB] ( 1169 )

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