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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2008 Vol.26 Issue.1
Published 2008-01-25

1 Experiment for axial thrust of shortened impeller back shroud
LU Wei-gang, LI Qi-feng, SHI Wei-dong, WANG Hong-liang
In order to balance the axial thrust of centrifugal pumps,the experiment for the axial thrust of shortened impeller back shroud was done.By assuming different angular velocity for the liquid around impeller,the formula for calculating the axial thrust of shortened impeller back shroud was deduced.By contrasting the calculated values of three different back shroud diameters with measured ones,the revised values of a=0.65,b=0.95 and c=0.45 of angular velocities liquid around impeller were confirmed.The angular velocities for liquid in the blade bevel,in the excided back shroud and in the outside impeller shroud were 0.65ω,0.95ω and 0.45ω respectively,where ω was the impeller angular velocity.As a result,the derived formula provides theoretical basis for calculating the balance of axial thrust of shortened impeller back shroud
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 1-5 [Abstract] ( 1638 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 369KB] ( 1056 )
6 Design method for light and small flow-ejecting self-priming spray pumps
LIU Jian-rui, TENG Ren-bo, SHI Wei-dong, LI Hong, YUAN Hai-yu
A light and small flow-ejecting self-priming spray pump which can prime faster with high efficiency is introduced.The new self-priming pump is designed with the self-priming equipment which can accelerate the mixture of air.The design method can enlarge the diameter of the vane by 4%~6%,the width of outlet by 10% and the Ⅷ section of volute by 4 times.The test result indicates that compared with the traditional self-priming pump,the performance curve of the new one is stable and smooth,the range of high efficiency is wide and the pump operates under the optimum condition.All the technical indexes of the pump are satisfied.The efficiency of the new type has been raised by 10.5%~11.1%,the self-priming time shortened by 37~48 s and the weight reduced by an average of 20%
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 6-9 [Abstract] ( 1262 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 256KB] ( 916 )
10 Hydraulic influence factors and inner flow analysis of centrifugal fire pump
ZHANG De-sheng, SHI Wei-dong, LU Wei-gang, CAO Wei-dong
Ten fire pumps with different designs were simulated by SIMPLEC method and standard model.The static pressure,turbulent kinetic energy, streamlines distributions and external performance were analyzed and compared. The results showed as follows.(1) Blade angle of outlet is very sensitive to the pump head and hump;the head increases quickly after appending blades or splitting blades;(2) Splitter blades with good inner flow and turbulent kinetic energy distribution could improve the perfor-mance of pump,such as efficiency,head and so on;(3)The influence on the performance of low specific speed fire pump acted by throat area is sensitive;it has benefit to expand the range of the high efficiency and increase the maximum efficiency by increasing pump throat area
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 10-14 [Abstract] ( 953 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 342KB] ( 995 )
15 Three-dimensional modeling of lamina on axial gas-oil multiphase pump
MA Xi-jin, QU Xin, XIAO Xing-jun
The application and development of the oil-gas multiphase pump are introduced.To keep the homogenization of liquid and gas,and to prevent medium from separating in flowing part,the key for multiphase pump transporting mixture of gas and liquid is to optimize the flow part of the multiphase pump,especially impeller and lamina.By combining the theory of axial pump and axial compressor,the whirly impeller is designed with consideration of static and dynamic lamina in axial pump and axial compressor.The 2D impeller is transformed into 3D space by coordinate-change,and three-dimensional entitative model was built by Pro/E.The result shows that the shape of lamina can be expressed exactly by 3D modeling which is built by Pro/E,and an ideal 3D entitative model can be created at the same time
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 15-17 [Abstract] ( 1306 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 278KB] ( 1066 )
18 Criteria of blade number selection for low specific speed impeller
YAN Jing, PAN Guang-yu, KAN Neng-qi, WANG Tao
Correct selection of blade number is of vital importance to improve the impeller hydraulic performance.By studying latest data presented by foreign experts and analyzing various factors influencing flow separation and disc friction,the authors draw a conclusion which is opposite to the traditional view: increasing blade number is not an effective way to improve impeller hydraulic performance;instead,after determining wrapping angle of blade,width of impeller at exit and optimizing impeller discharge diameter,reducing blade number to some extent will be beneficial to raise impeller hydraulic efficiency and eliminating hump of pump head-capacity curve.The new theorem provides valuable reference for impeller designers in determining blade number of low specific speed impellers
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 18-20 [Abstract] ( 1304 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 205KB] ( 1261 )
21 Model of enlarged flow design for low specific speed centrifugal pump
NI Yong-yan, YUAN Shou-qi, YUAN Jian-ping, ZHANG Jin-feng
In order to get the enlarged factors accurately,the principle and design aim of the enlarged flow design were briefly introduced.The mathematical formula was derived according to the principle of the enlarged flow design.By the relationship of the empiric data,the equations for the two factors of both enlarged flow and enlarged specific speed were established.The equations were numerically calculated and the corresponding curves were plotted.The curves contain the specific speed from 23 to 90 and flow rate from 3 to 30 cubic meters per hour.The current hydraulic models of the pump agree well with the curves calculated.
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 21-24 [Abstract] ( 990 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 224KB] ( 1367 )
25 Hydraulic model and its pilot-plant unit for rear bulb-type cross-flow pump
GUAN Xing-fan, SHANG Ming-hua, XIE Wei-dong, FENG Xu-song
According to the pump requirements of middle and low delivery lift and large flow capacity for the first-stage construction in South-to-North Water Transfers Eastern Route Project,and the actual pump characteristics in Jinhu Pump Station,a hydraulic model and its pilot-plant unit for the cross-flow pump were built.The flow field was calculated and analyzed by computational fluid dynamics(CFD) with FLUENT code,and the hydraulic model was optimized by repeated trials in the pilot cross-flow pump.The simulating results calculated by the hydraulic model(named JGZM-3) coincided with the actual results from the pretest in Jiangsu University and the retest in Hohai University.The testing parameters from the pilot cross-flow pump were as follows: delivery lift 2.82 m,flow capacity 342 L/s,power efficiency 79.05%,and cavitation specific speed 1 105.The pilot pump has the characters of large flow capacity and high power efficiency;and its overall performance indexes reach the advanced level,as the foreign made products.Compared with a like vertical axial-flow pump, the pilot cross-flow pump raised the power efficiency over 5% and flow capacity over 10%.
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 25-28 [Abstract] ( 1301 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 228KB] ( 980 )
29 Method of estimating eighth section area of low specific speed pumps
WANG Yang, ZAHNG Xiang
The performance of volute designed by the method of velocity coefficient is affected by the statistics and designer′s experience.The calculation method of the volute eighth section area in the low specific speed pump is deduced,which is based on the correlation between the impeller and the volute. Four 3-D incompressible flow conditions,which consist of the same impeller and four different volutes respectively,are simulated by using the standard k-ε turbulent model and SIMPLE algorithm,and their performance characteristics are also obtained.By verification of corresponding experiment data,a reasonable method in determining the eighth section area is put forward.The pump with this kind of volute can have the best efficiency at the rated flow rate.
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 29-32 [Abstract] ( 1124 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 241KB] ( 825 )
33 Design method of straight-conjugate internal gear pump
CONG Xiao-qing, LIU Meng-xian, WU Jun
The straight conjugate internal gear pairs were studied,their meshing characteristics were analyzed and an integrated design method of their rotors was obtained.The selection and calculation of basic parameters were introduced,and the basic parameters and formulas were analyzed.The flow calculation equations were derived by integrating the gear pump design method with the working principle.The tooth profile equations were obtained according to the Willis theorem and the basic method of tooth profile design.Using an actual design example,the basic parameters and tooth profile equations were obtained,the rotor graphs were plotted,and the rationality and the validity of equations were verified.
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 33-36 [Abstract] ( 2158 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 237KB] ( 1277 )
37 Drawing method for double channel impeller
ZHANG Jing, QI Xue-yi, HOU Yi-hua
The drawing method for the double channel impeller is studied. It is found that there is an inconformity between the dimensions of plane-view and pinacoid-view of fluid cross-section.The shape of cross-section is an ellipse folded in half through one symmetry axis,and the axis keeps perpendicular with pinacoid-view.Thus the direction of the cross-section is unrelated with center channel curve in plane-view.Traditionally,it is assumed that the cross-section is perpendicular to the center-channel curve.This is not the fact.It is considered that the major cause is resulted from the disagreement among plane view,dimension of cross-section and actual wood former of double channel impeller.A more reasonable design process is proposed.
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 37-39 [Abstract] ( 1312 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 169KB] ( 955 )
40 Remodeling design on circulating pump of 600 MW power unit
WU Chun-hua, GUAN Rong-guo
A remodeling design of circulating pump of 600 MW power unit is introduced which adopts different conversion factors for the impeller and guide blade according to the same model pump.General design was used by taking two circulating pumps of 600 MW Panshan power plant of Tianjin,and two circulating pumps of 600 MW Jingtang power plant of Chengdu as examples.Design methods and design points were detailed from theoretical and experimental points of view.The results indicate that,adopting either different or the same conversion factors to design the impeller and the guide blade,the same property as the model pump is obtained if the difference between the conversion factor of the impeller and that of the guide blade was below 3% and the combined part transition between the impeller and the guide blade can be slippery
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 40-42 [Abstract] ( 1042 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 243KB] ( 1000 )
43 Fuzzy-PID constant-pressure water supply system based on single chip computer
ZHU Ben-kun
Traditional pump station for water supply systems consumes much energy and its water pressure fluctuation is big.Based on research of a certain pump station for water supply system,and by adopting the self-adapting Fuzzy-PID constant pressure control strategy,which functions by means of adjustment of the number and rotational speed of operating pumps,the water-supply at constant pressure is realized.The MATLAB-based simulation results for the self-adapting Fuzzy-PID control are compared with the traditional PID control simulation results.The experiment results show that the stability of water supply system is greatly improved.
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 43-46 [Abstract] ( 1375 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 244KB] ( 1166 )
47 Simulation of combined irrigation for complete fluidic sprinkler based on MATLAB
YUAN Shou-qi, ZHU Xing-ye, LI Hong, LIU Jun-ping
The complete fluidic sprinkler was originally developed in China.A software was presented to analyze the data of water distribution.The data can be made visible in multidimensional orientation as a result.By using MATLAB it was proved that the radial data can be changed into net data conveniently and reliably.Three-dimensional water distribution pictures for sprinkler and combined sprinklers were drawn by MATLAB.According to the test data,the total water depth of net point was calculated using superposition method.Then the combined uniformity coefficient of the complete fluidic sprinkler was simulated in different combined spacings.After the simulation,combined spacing coefficient was chosen as 1.2 in the rectangular combination,and 1.5 in the triangular combination.The average uniformity coefficients are 82.4% and 85.7% respectively.A case study shows that MATLAB is reliable for simulating water distribution in sprinkler irrigation.
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 47-52 [Abstract] ( 1445 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 395KB] ( 1135 )
53 Influence on separator and hydrocyclone arranged in series
SUN Bu-gong, GONG Jun, XIN Zhou
To solve the problem of silt in Yellow River′s water for agricultural drop irrigation,the dish separator is designed and manufactured considering the characteristics of silt in Yellow River.The FXJ-150-I hydrocyclone is chosen.The separator and hydrocyclone are arranged in series for separating silt of Yellow River′s water.The major factor and best parameter combination are analysed by making a primary orthogonal regression test.The regression equation is found based on orthogonal regression test,which is evident(a=0.01).The results show that the D_50 is related to inlet pressure,underflow port diameter and drum rotation speed.
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 53-55 [Abstract] ( 1285 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 186KB] ( 924 )
56 Numerical optimization on parallel-connection variable-speed operation of centrifugal pump groups
HAN Wei, LI Ren-nian, SU Min, LI Qi-fei, LI De-shun
The parallel-connection and variable-speed operation characters of the centrifugal pump groups are studied by conics fitting of the character curves in the high efficiency area.By simplifying the restrictions of pipeline,the optimization control model for the parallel-connection and variable-speed operation is given.The objective function of the model is minimum sum of all the pump power;the constrained condition is pump group system flow fate.The essence of the mathematical model is about extreme values for several variables function.The Lagrangian multiplier and Newton iteration methods for nonlinear equation group are used to solve the formulated model.The relevant calculation method of the optimization condition is given.The simulation result shows the validity of the new optimization strategy.
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 56-59 [Abstract] ( 2042 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 219KB] ( 1031 )
60 Measurement on 3D turbulent flow field in vortex pump
YANG Min-guan, GAO Bo, GU Hai-fei, LI Hui
In order to get the 3D turbulent flow structures in vortex pump,a test rig was set up.A special model pump was also designed.Laser Doppler Anemometry(LDA) was used to measure the velocity in volute and impeller of the pump.Three velocity components magnitudes were obtained,so was the mean square root fluctuating value.The internal flow consists of forced vortex and free vortex.Velocity distributions in volute are different from those in impeller.The liquid has been pre-swirled at the inlet of impeller.Impact loss is considerable there.Turbulent fluctuating shows isotropic characteristics.The measured data can be used to validate the numerical simulation results.
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 60-64 [Abstract] ( 1052 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 310KB] ( 891 )
65 Numerical simulation of 3D flow field in a pair of vortex generators
CHEN Shan-qun, WANG Ze
Using the Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations and the standard k-ε turbulence model,numerical simulations based on parallel computation were performed for three-dimensional turbulent flows containing longitudinal vortex pairs.The N-S equations were discretized by finite element method.The unstructured grid method was used to generate mesh.Characteristics of 3D velocity field were discussed.The numerical results of the mean-flow velocity were compared with the corresponding measurement data and good agreement was obtained.The results verify that the standard k-ε model can basically simulate the 3-D turbulent flow introduced by vortex generators.
2008 Vol. 26 (1): 65-68 [Abstract] ( 1131 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 244KB] ( 1054 )


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