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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2007 Vol.25 Issue.5
Published 2007-09-25

1 Design for piezoelectric pump with active valve
CHENG Guang-ming, LI Peng, YANG Xiao-dong, KAN Jun-wu
The working principle of piezoelectric pump with active and passive valves were demonstrated.The differences between the two were compared.The potential uses of piezoelectric pump with active valve was described as well. Based on the working principle,the piezoelectric pump with active valve was designed and fabricated which used the piezoelectric vibrators as the prime mover and the inlet and outlet valves.The driving signal of piezoelectric pump was also studied.Finally,the performance of the designed pump was tested.The results show that the maximum flow rate of the designed pump is 40 ml/min and output pressure is 12.25 kPa.piezoelectric pump;piezoelectric vibrator;active valve;passive valve
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 1-4 [Abstract] ( 1239 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 197KB] ( 814 )
5 Channel design of double channel impeller based on Pro/Engineer second developing technology
SI Hui, CONG Xiao-qing, WANG Xiao
The channel structural feature of double channel impeller was studied.The method for obtaining the main parameters of the channel was discussed.A new curve equation of the channel was given,which was made of partial involute and partial ellipse.The 3D parameterized design of the channel based on Pro/Engineer second developing technology was presented.The technique for designing menu,UI dialog boxes,and parameterized design technology based on three dimensional models were studied.General process of the design for double channel impeller based on Pro/Engineer second developing technology was specially studied.Finally,the specific example of 3D parameterized design of the channel was given.double channel impeller;parameterized design;Pro/Engineer;Pro/Toolkit;seconddeveloping
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 5-8 [Abstract] ( 998 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 202KB] ( 841 )
9 Analysis and modification on inspiration exhaust valve of high pressure reciprocating pump
LI Qiang, GONG En-xiang, SHI Hai-xia, TIAN Hai-ping
The field service problems of butylene feeding pump used in a large scale high pressure reciprocating reactor are studied.The influence factors of valve lift-range,valve clearance flow rate,impulse and spring force etc are discussed.It is concluded that changing the structure of valve is the fundamental means to avoid original valve breaking down frequently and to extend it’s operating life.Bicyclo-valve which yields comparatively good effect in the production should be used in the high pressure reciprocating pump.inspiration valve;exhaust valve;valve plate;high pressure reciprocating pump;lift range
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 9-12 [Abstract] ( 1104 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 213KB] ( 815 )
13 Design method of sand resistent and leak proof system for marine centrifugal pumps
Seawater and sand may cause serious leak to the marine pumps. A new solution was developed by adapting hydraulic seal combined with mechanical seal,also with the assistance of a system which separate the sand from water.That is to say,clean water separated from seawater by cyclone separating device can be employed to lubricate and cool the mechanical seal.Based on the principle of hydro-dynamical sealing,with the effect of centrifugal force produced by the back vane,water will be thrown to the impeller outlet to ensure the pressure grads of water purify system and prevent sand from coming into shaftend seal.Concrete scheme of design was educed to four steps: study of the characteristic of cyclone device,calculation of cooling flux for the mechanical seal,designing and matching calculation of back vanes.The solution has achieved good effect in many applications in recent years.marine centrifugal pump;sand defend;leak proof; cyclone mechanical seal;vice-leaf
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 13-16 [Abstract] ( 1447 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 194KB] ( 569 )
17 CFD calculation for large-scale bulb tubular pump
L? Jian-xin, XU Yue-hua
In order to solve the domestic structure selection problem of low-lift pump,based on the large-scale bulb tubular set of Linjiaba pumping station in South-to-North Water Diversion Eastern Route Project,a Computational Fluid Dynamic(CFD) study on structure,flow channel hydraulic loss,pressure distribution and flow rate distribution of the large-scale bulb tubular pump suitable for low-lift operating mode is conducted.The simulated results are compared with the model experiment.Results indicate that CFD results approach the experiment data.The study provides references for structure choice and design of domestic low-lift pump station.large-scale pumping station;low-lift;bulb tubular pump;computational fluid dynamic
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 17-19 [Abstract] ( 1212 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 197KB] ( 895 )
20 Stamping-welding shaping method of centrifugal pump impeller
LI Yi-bin, MIN Zheng, WANG Yang, LEI Li-li
Concerning the stamping and jointing techniques of stainless steel impeller,a shaping method of centrifugal pump impeller is presented based on the structure characteristic of centrifugal pump,which introduces shrouds with taper and twist blade.Laser welding is used to joint the blades and the shrouds which tackles the distortion of hub according to the mechanical performance of the material.By avoiding the bunch flow phenomena in the impllers,the shroud and hub can ensure no-distortion,which improves the hydrodynamic performance effectively.centrifugal pump;stamping;impeller;shaping technology
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 20-23 [Abstract] ( 1627 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 212KB] ( 1258 )
24 Measures of improving flow patterns for entrance bays of city intake water pumping stations
LU Xiao-ru, TONG Hong-wei, FENG Jian-gang
Based on the hydraulic characteristic of the intake water pumping station in the Third Period Shanghai Intake Yangtzi River Water Project,we have measured the inlet flow patterns and the influence of the inlet flow patterns.We have also proposed the method to ameliorate the flow pattern.The model test results showed that the measures were valuable in ameliorating flow patterns and the efficiency of the pump was enhanced.pumping stations;city intake water;entrance bays;inlet flow patterns
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 24-28 [Abstract] ( 1153 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 230KB] ( 957 )
29 Vibration testing method for large-scale pumping station machinery
CHEN Zuo-yi, PAN Wei-feng, LIANG Jin-dong
Zaohe pumping station in Jiangsu province is the largest mixing flow pumping station.The working security checkup weightily affects the content and profoundity of the updating and rebuilding items.Taking Zaohe pumping station as example,at the base of all-around investigation,we analysed the content and item of testing.Aiming at the characteristic of large-scale machinery, we adopted the international advanced virtual apparatus to test the machinery vibration.Besides,we did the frequency and wavelet analyses with advanced software.Safety appraisal is made to be advanced according to specific condition of the pumping station,and not be confined to operate at 25 years afterwards.Zaohe pumping station unit is operated at relative stabilized unit of 8 pump blades.pumping station machinery;vibration;noise;safety appraisal
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 29-32 [Abstract] ( 1122 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 195KB] ( 955 )
33 Regional optimum allocation model of water and land resources in plato and hill
LI Ya-ping, DONG Zeng-chuan, MA Wan-li
Regional optimum allocation model of water and land resources is established with two objectives: minimum relative water shortage and maximum economical benefit in agriculture by means of hierarchical principle of large-scale system.As a case study,water resources are allocated in time and space,and agricultural crop structures are regulated for J黵ong City.The results can be used in water and land resources allocation for J黵ong City.plato and hill;water and land resources;optimum allocation;agricultural crop structures
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 33-35 [Abstract] ( 1245 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 149KB] ( 849 )
36 Feasibility analysis on complete fluidic sprinkler for achieving irregular boundary area
LIU Jun-ping, YUAN Shou-qi, LI Hong, XIANG Qing-jiang
For solving the problem of sprinkle repeating,overtaken and gone beyond in irrigation,it is important to study the approach of irregular boundary area.The present approach and method for achieving the irregular boundary area are put forward.This approach is used in the feasibility study for complete fluidic sprinkler achieving irregular bounday area.Through changing the sprinkler′s altitude angle,entrance pressure and entrance sectional area,the irrigation range can be changed. complete fluidic sprinkler;irregular boundary area; feasibility analysis
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 36-38 [Abstract] ( 1069 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 143KB] ( 1001 )
39 Application of GPRS technology in hydraulic monitoring system
CAO Wei, DONG Hang-fei, LI Zong-bao
Comparing the traditional river monitoring model which mainly based on manual work,this paper presents a new kind of river monitoring system based on GPRS technology and on the connection and communication between data monitoring module and GPRS module,as well as the real-time and security issues of data transmission.Combining the mobile data transmission with Internet technique,the automa-tic and wireless hydrology data monitoring system is realized by using the GPRS data terminal unit.The system is of low cost and robust,very propitious to establishing the large scale monitoring network.GPRS;real time monitoring;ADSL
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 39-42 [Abstract] ( 1057 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 183KB] ( 855 )
43 Hydraulic pressure switch sensors in Jianbi pumping station
TAO Ding-ming
Discal tightwire hammer sensors used in valve′s hydraulic pressure switches in Jianbi Pumping Station were discussed,its limitation was analyzed,and other usual sensors characteristics were compared.Discal rubber sensors are prior to be selected at the requirements of Jianbi pumping station.Controlling principle and ways of parameters setting are described in details.In addition,outlet valves switches′ testing results of the No.3 pump show that sensors and switches controlling windage is less than 0.5% of criterions.Discal rubber sensors are tested to be capable of meeting expectations of linking valves with pumps,through running on-line for years.Its improving measures are also suggested to ensure the pumping station′s safety and reliability.sensor;pumping station;valve;hydraulic pressure switch
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 43-46 [Abstract] ( 892 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 199KB] ( 509 )
47 Test system on centrifugal pump performance based on RS485
LIU Zai-lun, CHE Qin-qin
In the traditional measuring bench of centrifugal pump the means of measuring was lagged,the speed was slow,and the accuracy was insuffient.To solve the above problems,an auto-measuring system based on RS485 Bus was developed.The system could realize the performance and cavity tests which include the auto-control of valve and vacuum pump,real-time data acquisition,data processing and saving,plotting and getting the report of testing.The result of experiment show that the system make up for the fault in the traditional measuring system,and has features that the degree of automatization is high,the accuracy is suffient and measuring speed is quick.centrifugal pump;performance test;auto-measuring; RS485
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 47-50 [Abstract] ( 1049 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 216KB] ( 801 )
51 Fluid temperature control system of mechanical seal test bed
SUN Ze-gang, CHEN Ci-chang
In order to control the fluid temperature conveniently,a fluid temperature control system of mechanical seal test bed with single-chip processor is designed.The basic theory of the fluid temperature control is introduced and its mathematic model is developed.In the design of system software C language and adverted corpus language are adopted.By means of the C51 translator-editor the C language is turned into corpus language,so that the design program is simplified.The result indicates that the program is applicable to other domain and provides the basis for the design of mechanical seal test bed.mechanical seal;temperature control;mathematics model;C translator-editor
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 51-54 [Abstract] ( 1248 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 184KB] ( 703 )
55 Hydraulic experiment and numerical simulation of campaniform inlet duct
YAN Hong-qin, CHEN Song-shan, GE Qiang, LI Yan-jun, YAN Deng-feng
In combination with the design of campaniform inlet duct in a certain pumping station of the East Line of South-to-North Water Transfer Project(SNWTP),three different shape suction chamber hydraulic models and experimet apparatus were designed for testing on hydraulic loss.Considering different suction chamber′s shape,on the condition of well-distributed flow and offset flow,the Reynolds time-averaged Navier-Stokes equations with RNG turbulent model and SIMPLER algorithm were studied to simulate the three-dimensional internal flow of the inlet duct.The conclusion is that the "ω" shape suction champer has excellent hydraulic characteristic in different inlet flow conditions.Its hydraulic loss is small and velocity-averaged streamline angles on special cross sections are approximately 90°.It is for an idealshape suction chamber of campaniform inlet duct.pumping station;campaniform inlet duct;hydraulic experiment;CFD
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 55-60 [Abstract] ( 1354 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 265KB] ( 999 )
61 CFD simulation of sand-water two-phase inner flow field of volute
LI Qi-fei, LI Ren-nian, HAN Wei, MIN Zheng
Based on the N-S equations the water and sand-water two-phase inner flow fields of the metal volute were simulated,In the entity model and computing area of the volute the SIMPLE algorithm and three-dimensional mixed element type unstructured grids in the Cartesian space were adopted.When transporting the rinsing the standard k-ε model was used;when transporting the solid-liquid fluid with particles,the k-ε-Ap model was used.The movement characteristics of sand-water two-phase flow in diversion components were found out.The inner flow mechanism was predicted and analyzed.The results of simulation were coincident with the material offered by Hydropower Station,which indicated the feasibility of the performance prediction and the optimized design by CFD simulation.water turbine;volute;solid-liquid two-phase flow;CFD numerical simulation
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 61-64 [Abstract] ( 998 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 244KB] ( 998 )
65 Status of energy-saving technology in centrifugal pumps and proposed solutions
QIU Ming-jie
For the energy-saving in centrifugal pumps,several aspects such as design,manufacture and auxiliary technology are discussed.It is proposed that the high-efficient and energy-saving effect can be reached by applying CAD/CFD/CAM, improving the traditional design method,advancing foundry technology,adjusting the rotating speed and improving the choice of centrifugal pumps.The current problems for the energy-saving in China are also presented.The detailed method for reducing energy consumption of centrifugal pumps are proposed.centrifugal pump;high efficiency;energy-saving;measure
2007 Vol. 25 (5): 65-68 [Abstract] ( 1055 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 199KB] ( 569 )


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