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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2007 Vol.25 Issue.1
Published 2007-01-25

1 Pump efficiency and conversion methods for efficiency
YAN Deng-feng, YE Jian, CHEN Mao-man, SHEN Ri-man
The formulas for mechanical,hydraulic,cubage and overall pump efficiencies are given theoretically.The pump efficiency analogies and pumping system efficiency analogies are discussed.Various formulas for converting pump efficiency are evaluated and discussed.A new conversion method for efficiency coefficient and a new pump efficiency formula are derived.The formula and methods are useful to differentiate and evaluate the reliability of the pump characteristics and are instructional for developing new high efficient pumps.The formula derived from the centrifugal pump(the volute casing mixed flow pump) and the vertical axial flow pump(the vertical mixed flow pump) are also applicable to the pump system,of any size and any other parameters.The study gives a universal formula for the design of pumps and pump systems.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 1-8 [Abstract] ( 2406 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 518KB] ( 1258 )
9 Failure analysis and improvement for QDP-200 submersible pump based on tests and CFD
ZHANG Jin-feng, YUAN Shou-qi, LU Wei-gang
The failure reason of QDP-200 plastic submersible pump was analyzed by the performance and temperature increase tests.Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)simulation is also conducted for the whole flow passage.From the two aspects of tests and the inner flow law,the reasons of the pump′s poor performance are found,which are due to the simplified hydraulic design and ill-match between impellers and volute.Meanwhile,unreasonable modularization manufacture will bring about hidden troubles for the users.Some improving measures and suggestions are presented.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 9-13 [Abstract] ( 1300 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 506KB] ( 1072 )
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 14-16 [Abstract] ( 981 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 255KB] ( 889 )
17 Improvement on cavitation performance of diaphragm metering pump
CHAI Li-ping, LI Qiang, GONG En-xiang, HE Yu-jie
Concerning with the problem of cavitation easily occurring on the imported diaphragm metering pump in petrochemical plant,an improvement design is made on the composite membrane of diaphragm pump,pair of plunger seals,structure of hydraulic balance and compensating valve.Methods are taken such as to improve the safety relief valve and oil immersion type compensation system,to adopt pump base with bigger bearing capacity and unique staged plunger,to increase piston diameter and to adopt PTFE+NBR composite membrane,etc.To improve the cavitation performance of diaphragm metering pump,a comparison of cavitation test is made between the modified diaphragm metering pump and the original measuring pump.The improved structural design and adoption of new materials have greatly improved the cavitation performance of metering pump.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 17-20 [Abstract] ( 1252 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 321KB] ( 904 )
21 Numerical simulation of flow field in the double volute of HD type petrol-chemical process pump
WANG Xiao-yan, LIU Yi, CHEN Yu-fang
The double volute with 180° symmetry is widely used in large centrifugal pumps.To study the flow field in the double volute,the flow field in the double volute of HD type petrol-chemical process pump is simulated with the CFD software,by taking the Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes equations as its governing equations,and the standard k-ε model for turbulence.The results show the distributions of the velocity field and pressure field,especially for the flow in laryngeal and diffuse part.There are refluence on the tongue,but they will not affect the performance and efficiency of the HD pumps.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 21-24 [Abstract] ( 1081 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 354KB] ( 865 )
25 Application of CFD to optimization design for centrifugal pump
REN Tao, YAN Yong-qiang, LIANG Wu-ke
Computational Fluid Dynamics is applied to the design of centrifugal pump impeller,which takes the flow field in impeller vane as the research object and adopts unstructured grid.Based on Navier-Stokes equation and k-ε turbulence model,the flow field of centrifugal pump is calculated.According to the results,we can redesign and optimize the pump impeller by changing the intake angle of impeller and remodeling the leaf blade shape.It is proved that the modified impeller has a better match in flow characteristic than the old impeller.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 25-28 [Abstract] ( 1167 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 307KB] ( 1020 )
29 Numerical simulation of 3D turbulent flow in a vertical axial-flow pump system
LU Lin-guang, WU Jie, CHEN A-ping, QIN Zhong-jian
Numerical simulation for 3D turbulent flow in an axial-flow pump and the pump system is conducted.The mathematical models of both axial-flow pump and vertical axial-flow pump system are built up,and numerical simulations of 3D turbulent flows in the pump and pump system are completed respectively.The computed result is consistent with that of the model test.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 29-32 [Abstract] ( 1091 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 311KB] ( 1196 )
33 Device model experiments of shaft-well two-direction tubular pumping station
CHEN Rong-xing, GUAN Xing-fan, WANG Wei, LU Wei-gang
Based on similitude theory and hydrodynamics,the device model of tubular pumping station in Huangmayong is set up.The character figures and synthetic character figures of archetypal pump model are measured when the device models run in the appointed vane angle.In the same experiment,the cavitation parameters in diversified conditions,the state of water in conduits and the results of cavitation test are all obtained.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 33-37 [Abstract] ( 953 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 290KB] ( 1021 )
38 Research on micro-fluidic-sprinkler
LI Hong, LIU Meng, CHEN Chao
Comparing with common micro-sprinklers,the micro-sprinkler over 5 m range has the advantages of decreasing cost,lowering irrigation intensity and reducing water usage,etc.It was invented in(China),using stream′s lean-wall principle in micro-sprinkler.The developed micro-fluidic-sprinkler WPXS300-300,whose stream jetting part works as both the exit part and the rotation driving part,has a nozzle of 2.5 mm and a range of over 5 m.It has a simple structure and reliable function.By testing the water distribution,relation between pressure and flux,and between pressure and range for the developed sprinkler can meet the standard of micro-sprinkler.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 38-41 [Abstract] ( 1321 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 272KB] ( 783 )
42 Study on parameters of punched thin-soft spray tape
ZHU Chong-lian, WU Di-fei, WANG Li-hong, TANG Wan-long; LU De-mei
The irrigation design parameters of punched thin-soft spray tape are studied,such as the hole interval l,flow rate q_m,layout interval B and the maximal laying length L_{max}.The design method of controlling the maximal laying length by using the head loss is discussed.Since the head loss has been defined within 30%,the maximal laying length could be determined by the relationship between head loss and maximal laying length.Two situations are discussed: the flat land and the land on slopes.Finally,two methods,drawing and computerizing,are discussed for the calculation of the maximal laying length.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 42-44 [Abstract] ( 1269 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 228KB] ( 711 )
45 Energy consumption analysis on constant-pressure variable-frequency water supply and variable-pressure variable-frequency water supply
TANG Yue, SHANG Ya-bo, WU Xu, CHEN Yi-chun, YUAN Jian-ping
The energy consumptions of constant-pressure water supply and variable-pressure water supply are studied.The energy consumptions of constant-pressure and variable-pressure running with pump′s full-speed are compared with diagram.The static head change of network characteristics with pump′s running condition is analyzed.Based on a pump station′s running data,the running diagram,the relation of pump efficiency,flow under variable speed,the relation of energy consumption per 100 m~3 and rotating speed are obtained.It is found that constant-pressure water supply has the smaller variable ranges of rotating speed and flow rate,the energy consumption at small flow rate increases,and the variable-pressure water supply has the larger variable ranges of rotating speed and flow rate.The advantages and disadvantages of pump constant-pressure and variable-pressure water supply are compared from three aspects of variable-speed range,pump′s high-efficiency field and energy consumption.The conclusion is obtained that the energy consumption of pump variable-pressure water supply is 20% lower than that of pump constant-pressure water supply.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 45-49 [Abstract] ( 1173 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 299KB] ( 738 )
50 Fitting method for pump complex characteristic curve based on B-spline
ZHANG Lin, XU Hui, YU Yong-hai
A fitting method for pump complex characteristic curve with large deflections and non-equidistant data points based on cubic uniform B-spline is presented.New virtual data points are introduced when any spire point is detected in the curve,which is divided into several sections with simple shapes.The optimal knots ordinates and Abscissas within the specified distribution ranges are searched employing sequential optimization method in the least square sense.It is proved in the examples that the new method works well in precisely building the pump test data in wide area into smooth curve without disturbance caused by the random test error.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 50-53 [Abstract] ( 1056 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 279KB] ( 1066 )
54 Establishment of charged particle pseudo-fluid multi-phase turbulent flow model
WANG Jun-feng, MAO Hui-min, LUO Ti-qian
Compared with normal multiphase turbulent flow,charged multi-phase turbulent flow appears more complex due to the coupling between electric field and flow field.How to describe the coupling action with mathematic function and to model it are the main task in charged multi-phase turbulent flow.Based on the establishment of single-phase charged fluid turbulence model and charged particles pseudo-fluid multi-phase turbulence governing equations,a new simulation model was deduced with the double fluid modeling method regarding the charged particle phase as a fluid phase.In this model,the coupling action between turbulent flow field and electric field was described with electric conjunction term and this term will be modeled by using an electric-turbulence exchanging coefficient.This model could be applied in the accurate engineering simulation of big size complex charged multi-phase turbulent flow.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 54-57 [Abstract] ( 1389 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 278KB] ( 803 )
58 Status and obstacles of cybermarketing applied in pump industry in China
ZHANG De-sheng, SHI Wei-dong, WANG-Zhun, LANG-Tao, SHEN Yong-juan
Current poor level of cybermarketing applied in pump industry was analyzed from building websites,participating in the network marketing and the overall level of marketing in China.Factors which block the development of cybermarketing in pump industry were discussed from the perspective of the general development in E-commerce,the characteristics of the pump industry and the middlemen in E-business.The results showed that the traditional model of marketing and web-based marketing will continue to co-exist indefinitely for quite a long time,and the traditional marketing model is the focus of marketing in pump industry.Along with the development of e-business at home and abroad and the continuous improvement of the competitiveness in pump industry of China,web-based marketing will show great development potential,and this compound marketing based on internet will become the inevitable trend of marketing in pump industry.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 58-61 [Abstract] ( 1312 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 337KB] ( 879 )
62 Cooking fume pollution and purifying technology
HE Hong-qin, YUAN Jian-ping, ZHANG Jie, GU Wei-hua, SHU Ling
In order to reduce the cooking fume pollution on environment,the main pollution compositions of cooking fume were analyzed,and some harms of cooking fume to human were discussed.Five purifying techniques,that are,inertia separation,filtration separation,liquid scrubber,electrostatics sediment,and complex technology,were introduced and compared.The principle of liquid scrubber technique and the separation of oil and water on the use of water circulation were analyzed.The result showed that the method of liquid scrubber had high efficiency of purifying and was stable.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 62-64 [Abstract] ( 1356 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 221KB] ( 1252 )
65 Discussion on chemical process pump
SHI Hai-xia, YIN Wei-min, HE Yu-jie, LI Qiang
Chemical process pumps of model ZA and ZE are single stage single suction cantilever type process pumps,which are widely used in petrochemical plants.According with 7th edition of API 610 standard,the performance and scope of application of chemical process pumps of model ZA and ZE are introduced,including series specifications,structural characteristics,hydraulic characteristics,and auxiliary system of common mechanical seal.
2007 Vol. 25 (1): 65-68 [Abstract] ( 2373 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 242KB] ( 770 )


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