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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2006 Vol.24 Issue.6
Published 2006-11-25

1 Numerical analysis on two-phase flow through impeller of low-specific-speed centrifugal pump
CHEN Ci-chang, YANG Chang-ming, XIONG Mao-tao
To study the flow characteristics of centrifugal rotor,solid-liquid two-phase turbulent flow in low-specific-speed centrifugal rotor is simulated by using Fluent software with mixture model,standard turbulence model and SIMPLEC algorithm.Distribution of volume fraction is analyzed for(different) solid particle diameters and sandy volume fractions.Near the exit of rotor,solid particles tend towards suction surface at the conditions of small particle diameter and low sandy volume fraction.However,solid particles are mainly concentrated on pressure surface,thus the wear of pressure surface will be (accelerated.) From simulation results it can be concluded that hydro head of impeller declines with the(increase) of volume fraction at the same particle diameter.centrifugal pump;low-specific-speed;solid-liquid two-phase turbulent flow;volume fraction;numerical simulation
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 1-3 [Abstract] ( 942 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 231KB] ( 1027 )
4 Precision comparison on slip factor of centrifugal pumps
LIU Hou-lin, TAN Ming-gao, YUAN Shou-qi, WU Xian-fang, YANG Feng-ge
Slip factor of centrifugal pumps is very important to theoretical head calculation.The present research situations on slip factor of centrifugal pumps,definition and characters of slip factor are(reviewed).Based on the practical efficiency calculation of many excellent centrifugal pumps,the Stodola,Stechkin,and Weisner slip coefficient formulas are compared.The standard of comparison is experiment efficiency.Compared with experiment efficiency,the research indicates that Weisner formula(n_s<65) and Stechkin formula(n_s>65) are more accurate for centrifugal pumps and that the Stodola formula is not suitable for centrifugal pumps.centrifugal pump;slip factor;precision;theory head;characteristics prediction
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 4-6 [Abstract] ( 1205 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 134KB] ( 1304 )
7 NC machining process of large guide vane of mixed flow pump
LI Zhi-wei, ZENG Yan-ming
By analyzing the large guide in vane mixed flow pump 3-axis and 5-axis mixed NC machining process plan is decided.Some key applications such as NC programming,machining process simulation and post-processing are introduced by the use of UG software during blades′ 5-axis mixed NC machining. The problem of collision during machining is solved.Domestic NC equipments are combined with international advanced softwares.The mixed flow pump′s efficiency is increased and the cost is reduced.
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 7-11 [Abstract] ( 1133 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 333KB] ( 976 )
12 Design and calculation of middle/low pressure fire pump′s cooling hole
JING Xiang-hua, ZHU Jian-peng, YUAN Jian-ping, TANG Gong-pei
When the CB20·10/30·60 middle/low pressure vehicle-use fire pump works under low-pressure operating condition,the middle-pressure room′s temperature will be high.Adding the cycling cooling water to the middle-pressure room is required to resolve this problem.A hole is drilled in the angle valve body to let water in the low-pressure room go into the middle-pressure room and cool it when the angle valve is closed.Meanwhile,water in the middle-pressure room can go back to the suction inlet of the pump through the circling pipe.In the method,determination of the cooling hole diameter is the key.Theoretic calculation of the cooling hole diameter is carried out.Combined with the experiment,the reasonable dimension of the cooling hole of the middle-pressure room is determined and eventually the high temperature problem of the middle-pressure room is resolved.vehicle-use fire pump;middle-pressure room;cooling hole;circling water flow rate;cooling water flow rate
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 12-14 [Abstract] ( 1056 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 107KB] ( 739 )
15 Experimental results on the same test-bed and selection analysis for hydraulic model of axial-flow pump
TANG Fang-ping, XIE Wei-dong, WU Jie
The experimental results on the same test-bed in Tianjin were analyzed.The summarized rules can be used as references for design of pumping station and pump selection.The comparative projects of the axial-flow hydraulic model,which was classified by the main geometry dimension of impeller and the slope of the head-flow rate curve was simplified.The nominal head was presented for preliminary selection of hydraulic models,with consideration of the efficiency and reliability at all operation conditions.Using the method of keeping head and increasing flow rate and referring to the layout and preliminary design of the Eastern Route of South-to-North Water Project based on the nominal head,the higher weighted-average efficiency of the hydraulic model can be ensured.The influences of the installation precision of pump device,the blade thickness and the blade radial tip on the test results were analyzed.
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 15-19 [Abstract] ( 1153 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 134KB] ( 1234 )
20 Determination of economical operation program at draining pump station
LIU Jia-chun, , ZHANG Zi-xian, ZHANG Mu-fei, CHEN Ping-long, WANG Zhi-hui
After an axial-flow pump station is completed,the water levels of inlet and outlet sumps,head of pump station and capacity of pump station will all change with changes in the irrigation and drainage area,cropping pattern,hydrological and meteorology effects,resulting in low efficiency and high energy consumption.The keep the pump stastion running at economic condition a mathematical model and restraining condition based on system analysis and the solving methods are given for determining the economical operation alternative. By applying the model to reality,the efficiency of pump station is improved.axial-flow pump station;economical operation;mathematic model;calculate software
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 20-23 [Abstract] ( 1054 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 123KB] ( 1111 )
24 Problems and improvements in batching process of complete fluidic sprinkler
ZHU Xing-ye, YUAN Shou-qi, LI Hong, XIE Fu-qi, CHEN Chao
Complete fluidic sprinkler is a new type sprinkler which was originated in China.The production achieves international lead in crack controlled and jet-flow element construction.Cooperated with enterprise,Jiangsu University has manufactured 10PXH plastic sprinklers,but there are still some problems.After experiment,eight respects were put forward to improve the working condition.There are three respects that are most important.Firstly,hollow shaft and connected case must be matched.(Secondly,)the two fluorine circle should be movable fitted,and motionless fit for upper fluorine circle and matching size,and for down fluorine circle and hollow shaft.Third,outflow and inflow holes of signal water and nourish hole should be small enough to reduce flow and gap,and heighten driving resultant moment.complete fluidic sprinkler;plastic sprinkler;driving moment of force;reliability for reversion;stabilize disposition;batching process
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 24-27 [Abstract] ( 1295 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 140KB] ( 1036 )
28 Shape craft study on magnesium alloy sprinkler pipe
LI Jin-shan, HUANG Xiu-qiao
Magnesium alloy extrusion mold and the craft parameter were studied.According to magnesium alloy characteristic,the 4 holes extrusion mold was designed.Extrusion experiment was carried out with the MB2 on 1 250 ton extruder.The magnesium stick temperature is at 548~698 K,mold temperature at 530~673 K,extrusion tube temperature at 573~723 K,extrusion speed at 0.067~0.083 m/s,and extrusion ratio at 40~60.Compared to aluminum alloy pipes,magnesium metal alloy pipes have good(mechanics) function and machine function,and satisfiys the sprinkler engineering.pipe;magnesium alloy;extrusion;mold;craft parameter;sprinkler
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 28-30 [Abstract] ( 1084 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 131KB] ( 956 )
31 Dynamic characters of motion particles in optical measurement of size distribution
HONG Yun, WANG Ya-wei, WU Da-jian, LIU Yin
Focusing on the effect of granularity measuring result by random motion in the area of ream small particles,a model of particles in flow field is presented according to the theory of dynamics.Then,systematic study is made about the orientation characters of particle in different entrance angles and flow field of different characters with the aid of numerical computation.Finally,conclusion is drawn about the relationship among time,size character of the particle and the flow field,which makes the accurate(measurement) of the particle granularity possible.particle;size;granularity;orientation;flow field
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 31-34 [Abstract] ( 904 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 128KB] ( 816 )
35 Application of double-commutating redundancy DC power supply system in pumping station
HE Jia-qing, XUE Yun-hui, LI Hui, CHEN Dao-ming
Regarding the current problem in the pumping station caused by DC operation power system from storage battery,"the double commutating redundancy DC power supply system" is proposed.It contains two sets of high frequency switch commutator with two independent ways of alternating current input.Each input supplies to one set of high frequency switch commutator and both of the output connect directly to the same direct current central wire through diode.The mother line is a single line without breaking and disconnecting to storage battery.Normally the two independent AC powers could supply power at the same time. All the high frequency switch commutating modules run together simultaneously to load the(electricity) of whole pumping station.Once one of the AC power system is out of use from accident,going down or termly maintaining,the other set could work independently to load the electricity of whole pumping station.The actual operation result proves that this design has the advantage of AC power supply continual switching without breaking,strong discharge capability during accident,and high expanding(capacity) etc.It could also be upgraded to multi AC power supplying electricity simultaneously to achieve the continual switching without breaking among multi power,thus could improve the reliability of the DC power.pumping station;DC power supply;double-commutating;pedundancy
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 35-38 [Abstract] ( 1046 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 114KB] ( 913 )
39 Maintainability of large pump units
JIANG Wei, QIU Bao-yun, WEN Ze-hang, CAO Hai-hong
The maintainability of large pump unit influences the maintenance time,maintenance expense,and maintenance quality directly.The five factors of pump unit maintainability are determined: maintenance objects,given conditions,given processes and means,given time,and given function.The common breakdowns of large pump units are investigated.The influencing factors on maintainability of water pump units are analyzed.The maintenance characteristics of pump units of different structures are compared.Measures are put forward to improve the maintainability of pump units.The results show that the burnout of thrust bearing liner of motors,failure of guide bearing and the pump cavitations are the main breakdowns of large pump units,and the vertical half-well casing pump has a better maintainability. large pump units;thrust bearing liner of motors;guide bearing of pumps;pump cavitations;maintainability
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 39-44 [Abstract] ( 1199 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 186KB] ( 1310 )
45 Effect of water hammer to pressure pipes for pumping accidents
YAO Qing-yun, LI Zhi-min
An introduction of the Dazhanchang pumping station and an investigation of the broken pressure pipes caused by pumping accident in the pumping station are presented.According to the theory of the water hammer and its characteristic,the calculating model of the pumping accident is built.The change of the water pump parameter and the piping pressures in pumping accident transition process are simulated,and the highest and lowest head envelope curves are obtained.By analysing the result combined with the local investigation,the main reason is deduced.Pumping accidents result in excessively high water hammer pressure.The negative pressure occurs along pipes.The quantity of the pipes can not meet the design requirement and so on.The measures to deal with the problem are given as following: changing the destructive pipes and installing the air inlet-outlet valve on 3~# and 6~# anchor blocks can avoid the excessively high negative pressure.the water hammer;pumping accident;pressure pipe;head envelope curve
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 45-47 [Abstract] ( 1276 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 150KB] ( 1044 )
48 Development and prospect of non-clogging pump with high-efficiency
SHI Wei-dong, SANG Yi-meng, WANG Zhun, LIU Hou-lin, ZHANG Qi-hua
The present status of impeller design of non-clogging pump was summarized systematically.The design methods for the two channel impeller and its volute were discussed specifically.The CAD software for the hydraulic design of the non-clogging pump with high efficiency was introduced.The technology indices on a new series of the non-clogging pump with high efficiency have reached the advanced level of the world.The prospects of the non-clogging pumps with high-efficiency are also discussed.non-clogging pump;design method;research development;prospect
2006 Vol. 24 (6): 48-52 [Abstract] ( 1270 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 243KB] ( 960 )


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