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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2006 Vol.24 Issue.5
Published 2006-09-25

1 Impeller diameter maximum approach for deep well pumps
LU Wei-gang, ZHANG Qi-hua, SHI Wei-dong
The impeller diameter maximum approach has been developed to solve the problem that deep well pump diameter was restricted by the well diameter.The approach extends the front shroud to the inner wall,which maximizes the impeller diameter under the same sized well condition.The return guide vane is used to minimize the pump axial length.So the single stage head is enlarged by 50% and the cost is reduced by 30%.The method and its details are introduced.By using CFD and model tests,it is confirmed that this approach can increase both pump head and efficiency.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 1-7 [Abstract] ( 1156 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 570KB] ( 607 )
8 3-D turbulent calculation of hydraulic moment of axial-flow pump blades
DENG Dong-sheng, MA Zhi-hua, ZHU Hong-geng
The Reynolds time-averaged Navier-Stokes equations with RNG turbulent model were studied to simulate the three-dimensional internal flow of an axial-flow pump.By calculating the flow rate,head,power and efficiency of the pump,the computed performance characteristics of the pump were compared with those from physical model test results.The former corresponds well with the latter,so the validity and effectiveness of the numerical model were verified. The method of calculating hydraulic moment on blades was discussed.The hydraulic moments under different conditions were calculated based on the computed results,and the changing features of hydraulic moment on blades with flow rates and pump head were analyzed in detail.There exists a saddle type zone in the hydraulic moment curve of axial-flow pump blades which corresponds to the saddle zone of discharge-head characteristic curve of the pump.In the small flow-rate zone,the moment goes up abruptly with the decrease of flow rate.The change of hydraulic moment on blades is closely related with pump characteristics,which should arouse the attention of pump designers.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 8-11 [Abstract] ( 1032 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 294KB] ( 651 )
12 Numerical realization of Francis turbine blade design and wooden patterns
QI Xue-yi, DING Si-yun, LI Hui-nuan, YAN Xiao-wei, FENG Er-tong
In the design of Francis turbine runner blade,with the traditional method such as conformal transformation,the design period is quite long and the blade model making is very difficult.In this study the design of the turbine runner blade is improved by integrating the blade mean camberline equation,thickening the blades along the blade mean camberline in flow surface calculation and using the CAD system to draft the wooden patterns of the turbine runner blade.From the wooden patterns it shows that this design method is more optimized and meets the requirement of design better.The shape of runner blade is conformed to the practical one well.It can be used to analyze the the performance of Francis turbine,and to make the wooden patterns machining easier in using programs of numerical controlled machining.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 12-14 [Abstract] ( 1819 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 190KB] ( 942 )
15 Involute profile design of vane in submersible sewage pump
HE Xi-jie, ZHANG Li-kun
The equation for the point of intersection between circular arc and involute curve,the spread angle on starting point and terminal point of vane involute profile in new coordinate system,and the design formulae of vane involute profile have been obtained based on the study of involute properties and geometrical relationship and by mathematical calculations.The two calculation examples are given.The relative merits of the circular arc,logarithmic spiral and involute curve using in slurry pump vane are discussed.The method has practical significance for the design of the vane profile of the pump.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 15-19 [Abstract] ( 1170 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 256KB] ( 724 )
20 Controlling the installing quality of overhang-well-vertical-draw out core pumping set
KAN Yong-geng
Because the structure of the overhang-well-vertical pumping set is different from the traditional pumping set,it is not able to assure the quality of installing and repairing according to the standard demand.In order to assure the quality of the installing of the set and to avoid the trouble and deviant phenomena at work,taking the type of 64LKXA-24.5 standing pumping set as example,in allusion to the particularity of the structure of the overhang-well vertical draw out core pumping set,combining with the existent question and peculiarity in the course of installing,the main installing method of the pumps was intruduced,and the corresponding notice was given.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 20-24 [Abstract] ( 1093 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 404KB] ( 822 )
25 Application of frequency conversion project in drainage pumping stations and discussion of energy-conserving mechanism
YUAN Yun, YU Sai-feng, LIN Lei, ZHANG Li-min
An overview of frequency converter and frequency conversion technique of pumps is given.The application of frequency-conversion technique in water-supplying and drainage pumping stations,and energy-conserving mechanism of frequency conversion in drainage pumping stations are discussed.The application of frequency-conversion project over sewage pumps in three drainage pumping stations in Ningbo is studied.The three pumping stations are all sewage ones and the lift of the pumps has an excessive amount.From the data on unit draining energy consumption it demonstrates that electricity saving rate of frequencyconversion projects reaches 25%~35% during non-flood season.Annual electricity saving rate exceeds 20%,showing a fine application future of frequency-conversion project.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 25-28 [Abstract] ( 1097 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 279KB] ( 959 )
29 Adjustment of elevation angle of nozzle and its effect on hydraulics of whirl sprinkler
HUANG Xiu-qiao, WU Feng, FAN Yong-shen
Elevation angle of nozzle affects the character and application of whirl sprinkler.A set of adjustment of elevation angle of nozzle was developed for the fixed nozzle angle of whirl sprinkler to meet the needs of practice. It can adjust continuously the elevation angle of nozzle of sprinkler from 0皌o 30?.Indoor experiments show that the single sprinklers characters will be changed evidently with the set by adjusting the elevation angle of nozzle.And the water distribution of single sprinkler changes to rectangle from triangle.Field tests show that this set can reduce the effect of wind with a proper lay out, which will improve the fitness of sprinkler irrigation system.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 29-32 [Abstract] ( 1029 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 276KB] ( 531 )
33 Investigation of separation efficiency of hydrocyclone for separation of sediments from Yellow River water
LIU Yong-ping, GONG Jun, LIU Jing
Based on the analysis of key structural and operating parameters which influence the separation efficiency of hydrocyclone,the orthogonal experiments are carried out with simulative experimental apparatus by the change of some parameters,such as underflow port diameter,inlet pressure,inlet material concentration and grain size distribution.The effects on separation efficiency were qualitatively summarized and evaluated by the analysis of gradation efficiency on suspending liquid at overflow port.The results show that the separation efficiency of hydrocyclone is related to the inlet grain size distribution. If the grain size distribution of suspending liquid at inlet is identical,the change of inlet pressure and underflow port diameter can influence the separation efficiency.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 33-35 [Abstract] ( 1029 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 213KB] ( 902 )
36 Design of wear monitoring system for sliding bearings of magnetic drive pump
ZENG Pei, XIAO Kai-hua, YUAN Tie-jun, KONG Fan-yu
An experimental device with data collecting sensors to on-line monitor sliding bearings of magnetic drive pump is developed and massive data under different work condition are gathered.The data are processed with data processing softwares such as EXCEL,MATLAB,NEUROSHELL,neural network and regression analysis.A method of multi-sensors data acquisition system and multi-neural network model(iteration) is proposed.This testing method can eliminate the effect caused by axial move of sliding bearings of magnetic drive pump.The experimental results indicate that the observed value and the actual value(agree) well.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 36-39 [Abstract] ( 1428 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 335KB] ( 1088 )
40 Application of characters of discharge pressure fluctuation to monitor of centrifugal pump
NI Yong-yan, PAN Zhong-yong, LI Hong, YUAN Jian-ping
A low specific speed pump,which was designed by the methods of enlarging flow rate,was tested for its cavitation feature and the outlet pressure fluctuating characters on a closed test rig.The outlet pressure fluctuating characters were determined by the root mean error.The relationship between the net positive suction head and the pressure pulsation of the pump outlet was set up by the experimental data and then compared with the traditional methods.The results showed that the two parts have close correlation,and the pressure pulsation can be use to monitor the incipience and the development of the cavitation.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 40-43 [Abstract] ( 1019 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 252KB] ( 1065 )
44 Operation adjusting methods for energy consumption of centrifugal pump
YUAN Jian-ping, ZHANG Gai-cheng, CHEN Xiang
The principles of adjustment method for centrifugal pump′s operation,including throttling adjustment,flow dividing adjustment,adjustment through coupling pumps in series or in parallel,and rotating speed adjustment are introduced.The hydraulic consumptions,operation efficiency,advantages and disadvantages,and applied conditions are discussed.There are two flow rate adjusting methods: that flow rate can be continuously changed throttling adjustment and flow dividing adjustment,and the latter has larger energy consumption and is always applied to the sites where running safety and reliability must be considered.The adjustment method through coupling pumps in series or in parallel can′t continuously change flow ratio,but the adjustment range is very wide and there is no additional hydraulic loss in theory.The method of rotating speed adjustment changes the flow ratio continuously if the rotating speed changes continuously.The method don′t cause additional hydraulic loss except the loss inside pump.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 44-47 [Abstract] ( 1050 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 266KB] ( 893 )
48 Present status and trends of low-specific-speed centrifugal pumps with splitter-blades
CHEN Song-shan, LUO Tie-qian, WEN Jian-long, ZHOU Zhengfu, HE Zhong-ning
The hydraulic performance problems of the low-specific-speed centrifugal pump designed by traditional methods are discussed.The hydraulic design methods for low-specific-speed centrifugal pump are reviewed and compared,such as the large flow rate design,no-overload methods,area ratio principle and splitter-blade method.The experimental results and design theory for low-specific-speed centrifugal pump with splitter blades are detailed.The history advance about pump design theory,velocity field measurement techniques and mathematical simulation are briefly reviewed,and the trends for further research are also discussed.
2006 Vol. 24 (5): 48-52 [Abstract] ( 1458 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 425KB] ( 1121 )


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