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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2006 Vol.24 Issue.3
Published 2006-05-25

1 Design analysis of high pressure water injection pumps for oilfield
LI Qiang, CHAI Li-ping, HU Jing-ning, WU Xin-ming
With respect to the problems of the high and low pressure alternating fatigue failure of cylinder body and chloride ion strong corrosion existing in the high pressure water injection pump for oilfield,the structure and optimum design of parameters of high pressure reciprocating type water injection pump for oilfield are introduced in this paper.By a new type design structure for fluid end and power end of high pressure reciprocating pump with combination valve,bidirectional combined seal,inverted lubrication mode and new corrosion-resistant material the key technical problem of reliability for high pressure water-injection pump is solved.Test results show that the speed of high pressure plunger type water injection pump is reduced by about 30%~50%,even under aggressive operating conditions,the reliable operating cycle of high pressure water injection pump for oilfield can be greatly improved.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 1-4 [Abstract] ( 2063 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 286KB] ( 1567 )
5 Research based on CAD system of drawing meridional plane in impeller of centrifugal pump
WANG Yan-yan, LI Hong, JI Liu-jin
The method of drawing the centrifugal pump impeller meridional plane in the CAD system is by trying and collecting,that to say is,by modify the data again and again to adapt the design.This method causes blindness.In this article,the author puts forward to the method of flow path center line to design impeller from the flow path center line of excellent hydraulic model,and meanwhile using mathematics statistic and non-linear regression to deal with the data.The function between the numbers of average n_s and the points of flow path center lines can be obtained.On this foundation,the F-L curve and educe the equation of front and behind blades were deduced,which provides the whole course of drawing meridional plane.Examples show that method is feasible and has very high practical value.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 5-8 [Abstract] ( 1411 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 260KB] ( 1301 )
9 Fitting method for pump efficiency characteristic curve based on B-spline
ZHANG Lin, YU Yong-hai, JIANG Xiao-ming
A fitting method for pump efficiency characteristic curve based on cublic uniform B-spline is presented in this paper to overcome inaccuracy or curve shape distortion occurred by other fitting me-(thods.)The optimum knots ordinate formula in the least square sense is derived by computing coefficient matrix and curve vertexes under the specified subsection knots abscissas conditions.It is proved with the example that the new method works well for water pump efficiency characteristic curve fitting.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 9-11 [Abstract] ( 1200 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 246KB] ( 1266 )
12 Design of pump station local control unit based on processor AT89C52
HUAN Hong-xing, BAI Ping
According to the fundamental function and technical indicators of the pump station local control unit,and based on processor AT89C52,the unit construction principle and its realization and the coding method of traying of the pump station local control are discussed.The key points of software design was illustrated and the decode method of the Cyclic Code Encode extensively used on site was introduced.And considering the support for Monitor Configuration Software the realization of MODBUS protocol was mainly discussed.Inaddition,the application condition of this instrument to the pump station control system was provided.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 12-16 [Abstract] ( 1065 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 309KB] ( 1062 )
17 Research on reform design schemes for inlet and outlet conduit for Jianbi pump station
CHEN Wei-ping
In the view of the problem that the expanding capacity of Jianbi pump station is large while the size of its inlet and outlet conduit is not plentiful,some reforms are done on the conduits to improve the station efficiency.According to unit experimenting research on several reform schemes,the result is that the small-scale reform has little effect on the efficiency.And at last,by selecting suitable hydraulic mo-(dels,the c)apacity is increased by 40 m~3/s which resulting in great economic and social effect.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 17-19 [Abstract] ( 1042 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 264KB] ( 1043 )
20 Experiments on integral centrifugal screen panel and micro-irrigation filter
SUN Xin-zhong
Silt-laden water is one of common irrigation water,and the combined centrifugal screen panel filter is used often,but this type of filter is complex in structure with large hydraulic loss and high cost.According to the disadvantages above,the experimental research is done to obtain an integral filter which can be used in the flow rate range of 80~140m~3/h.The results show that the new product filter effect reaches the current products,while the hydraulic loss is only 32.5%~68.6% of curent one with cost is 30%~40%.The feed back of manufacture shows that the practical use is combined well with the experiment results,therefore it can be applied to practice reliable.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 20-23 [Abstract] ( 1200 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 282KB] ( 1369 )
24 Measurement of faint vibration signal in water pump
HU Chi-bing, ZAHNG Ling, WANG Xiao-yun
Noise is the biggest obstacle that makes the incipient fault diagnosis results uncorrected.Using the wavelet transform,the noise of water pump is decomposed in many scales.And then be fileted according to the correlations of wavelet coefficients in close layer.By selecting the process parameters adaptively,WTDCF can de-noise signal efficiently.More important,the faint component in the signal will become stronger compared with the noise component.According to the analysis of the fault signal in water pump,results show that WTDCF method is effective for water pump incipient fault diagnosis.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 24-26 [Abstract] ( 1057 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 188KB] ( 979 )
27 Image inspect system in Jianbi pump station
XUE Yun-hui
In large pumping station there are many electromechanical equipments,in order to observe the instance status of equipments in time and raise the security of the pump station.The Jianbi pump station is equipped with a image inspect system.The video frequency and data signals are transmitted to the inspect center by locale color vidicon,and the video image is real-time monitored in the inspect center.The ba-(sic principl)e fabric function and characteristic of the image inspect system is introduced,and some attentions in operation are also analyzed and presented.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 27-30 [Abstract] ( 1401 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 295KB] ( 1060 )
31 Tentative research of convey flow field in pipeline of charged gas-solid two-phase flow
GAO Zheng-ping, LUO Ti-qian, KANG Can, WANG Xiao-ying, WANG Zheng
Based on the convey flow field of charged particles determine the coagulation efficiency.The tentative system of charged coagulation is designed.The quantity of electricity of charged particles are investigated through experiment.And a flow field measurement technique PIV(Particle Image Velocimetry) system is adopted to study the additional electric field effect on particle flow.The experimental results shows that if charged voltage is under-10 kV,the charge-to-mass ratio increases with decreasing charged voltage,reaches a saturation value at-60 kV charged voltage.The velocity,vorticity of charged gas-solid flow increase with decreasing voltage,and turbulent kinetic energy reaches the maximum value at-50 kV.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 31-34 [Abstract] ( 1156 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 391KB] ( 1018 )
35 Preprocessing technology of FEA based on HyperMesh software
XIONG Zhen-bing, LUO Hui-xin
In order to raise the efficiency and quality of Finite Element Analysis(FEA),the functions of overseas commercial FEA preprocessing software HyperMesh is carefully studied,and a bearing block are used to illustrate the steps of FEA’s preprocessing in HyperMesh,the matters needing attention and how to export the result file and so on.The research provides a new ideal method for FEA,and indicates that do the preprocessing of FEA in HyperMesh software first and then export the CAE data to ANSYS software for solution is practicable,and also provides some help to CAE engineers.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 35-38 [Abstract] ( 1668 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 327KB] ( 2638 )
39 Using epoxy resin compound coating to repair water pump flowed part′s cavitation pockmarked face
ZHENG Xiao-song
To resolve the problem of cavitation and improve pump efficiency,combining with the amending experiments of Wujiang pump station of Simashan Yingjiang Works in 2000.The method of using resin to fill up the pockmarked face damaged by cavitation is introduced.Some attentions in the process of face treatment,batch feeder,brush and reface etc.are presented.The repaired face has run for 5 years without fail.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 39-41 [Abstract] ( 1100 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 200KB] ( 920 )
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 42-44 [Abstract] ( 1108 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 245KB] ( 880 )
45 Discussion on internal control of monetary fund in drainage and irrigation enterprise
ZHANG Kai-hua
The necessity of strengthening the internal control in drainage and irrigation enterprises is analyzed.The goal and main methods used to enhance the control are put forward.Firstly,a strict monetary fund management system must be set up.The precautionary measures to the loopholes that most likely appear in daily taking and giving out of cash and bank account are presented. Secondly,a strict system of post divisions must be set up.Emphasizing on the dividing of incompatible posts which handles monetary fund,to form a system of checks and balances.Thirdly,to set up a strict system of authorization,the examiner and approver can’t exceed and misuse their authority.Fourthly,a strict internal control system must be establish in computerized accounting,which define the responsibility and purview for accounting supervisor,system manager,voucher recorder each.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 45-47 [Abstract] ( 1460 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 244KB] ( 769 )
48 Present situation and revision suggestion of pumping station standards and pumping well standards
DOU Yi-song, HU Meng, QI Ying
With reviewing the construction management and the technology development of domestic pumping station and pumping well,this paper analyses the applicability and existing problems of domestic pumping station standards and pumping well standards.And on the basis of introducing the establishment of pumping station standards and pumping well stan-(dards of the)United States,Japan,and Russia,the advantages and disadvantages are contrasted between domestic pumping station and pumping well standards with the overseas.According to the contrastive analysis,the paper presents revision suggestions of the two kinds of standards in 21st century of our country,which can be used for reference to the standar-(dization) department of water resources to establish a lately standard system.
2006 Vol. 24 (3): 48-53 [Abstract] ( 1275 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 426KB] ( 1571 )


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