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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2006 Vol.24 Issue.1
Published 2006-01-25

1 Achievements and Analysis of Pump Model Unit Test for the Pump Station in the East Line of the Project of South-to-North Water Transfers
GUAN Xing-fan, WU Jie, ZHU Quan-rong
The achievements of unit test of pump models in pump stations of Wannian Xia, Jietai, Liushan, Taier Zhuang et al. were presented. The analysis results of them and their tests on single pumps show that, there are great difference between them, the blade angle on the best efficient point is larger by 2%-4%, and the efficiency of single pump is higher than that of pump unit by 8%-10%, and the water head of pump unit with the best efficiency approximately equal to those of single pumps, and with the scope of ?5%.These difference have not been grasped qualitatively, in this case, choosing pump according to the test results of pump units is better than that of single pump, which can improve the reliability.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 1-7 [Abstract] ( 1375 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 373KB] ( 1126 )
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 7-7 [Abstract] ( 929 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 69KB] ( 880 )
8 Application Analysis of Elastic Metal-Plastic Thrust Bearing Pads in Large Pumping Unit
QIAN Li-hua
The Elastic metal-plastic thrust bearing pad is a new kind of bearing pad in recent years, which has been already extensively applied in water-turbine generator set. The fourth pumping station of Jiangdu has used the elastic metal-plastic thrust bearing pads, which is more earlier in large pumping station, the burnout of the vertical motor babbit alloy thrust bearing pads has been settled successfully. For more perfect and right using the elastic metal-plastic thrust bearing pads, its success application is introduced, its characteristics of running, installation and repair are analyzed.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 8-10 [Abstract] ( 1149 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 180KB] ( 845 )
11 Counter Messures of Improving Conditons of the Pump Station Front Pond
XU Shao-hua, ZHANG Feng-qin, HUA Li-qin
The reasonable spread angle and slope based on the amplitude of source water level variation are critical for the front pond design to solve the problem of disorderly streams and muddy filling in the pond during pump station operation. The various methods applied during the construction or retrofit of pump stations in Liaocheng city are presented. Project practice proves: a horrent slope for the spread type pond, a torrent-leading wall for pump station of side torrent-leading and part unit working, and ridges built on the slope for short pond that has a rather big difference in bottom elevation with the feeder canal are all effective methods to improve the spreading torrent and reduce muddy filling.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 11-13 [Abstract] ( 1059 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 209KB] ( 1030 )
14 3-D Design of Hydro Turbine’s Runner based on Pro/E
HOU Yi-hua, QI Xue-yi, CHANG Yi-le, ZHANG Jing, FENG Jun-hao
The traditional 2-D pattern drawings of blade are transferred to Pro/E directly during the 3-D design of Francis’ s runner. At the same time, the assumed crown and the spire of the blade are used to settle the problem of uncertainty and aberrance of the extending of blade near the crown and band. After the 3-D design finished, it can easily find the relation data of blade such as the thickness, the center of gravity, the volume, the area, the opening and the quality. It can also integrate the hydrokinetics design and the geometrical design and make the foundation of the future CFD calculation, capability forecast and CAM of the runner.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 14-16 [Abstract] ( 1417 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 371KB] ( 1197 )
17 Research on the Designing Method of Double-flow-passage Impeller
YUAN Dan-qing, CONG Xiao-qing
In order to provide references on impeller of double-current designing ,based on the existing documents about impeller designing methods of double-flow-passage,some methods are introduced exhaustively. Such as: how to make sure the area of flow passage, the point of flow passage’ s centre line and planar flow passage’s midline.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 17-18 [Abstract] ( 1145 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 114KB] ( 1127 )
19 Analysis and Calculation of Cavitation for Centrifugal Slurry Pump
LI Ping-shuang
In order to make suggestions for engineers and researchers who work in pump industry to calculate NPSH, the causation of cavitation occurred in a slurry pump theoretically is analyzed.The relationship between NPSH and inlet geometry parameters of impeller is analyzed .The cavitation characteristic between the slurry pump and normal pump is compared.The empirical formula that used to calculate NPSH is deduced base on test datas and the example for calculating NPSH is validated.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 19-21 [Abstract] ( 1091 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 147KB] ( 1035 )
22 Study on the Emission Uniformity for the Emitter under the Condition of Farmland Micro-terrain Action
ZHU De-lan, WU Pu-te, ZHANG Qin-feng, NIU Wen-quan, YANG Wen-hui
The calculation formulas of the dripper flow variation rate, flow deviation coefficient and the emission uniformity for the emitter were analyzed in drip irrigation system. They are affected by farmland micro-terrain deviation, hydraulic deviation for the emitter and manufacture deviation for the emitter. The micro-terrain and manufacture coefficient, which accorded with the random of positive state distribution are imitated by computer program. The dripper flow variation rate, flow deviation coefficient and the emission uniformity for the emitter are calculated by using computer program under the four conditions. And the formula of the emission uniformity for the emitter and the relation of various uniformity parameters are proposed by statistic analysis of 500 groups data, which could be used to the hydraulic calculation of the drip system designs.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 22-26 [Abstract] ( 1314 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 295KB] ( 772 )
27 Mechanism of Corona Charge on Electrostatic Spray
YANG Cao-zhen, WU Chun-du, CHEN Chui-ying, CHU Ji-yu
Making an theoretical analysis of the sudden change arising from the momentary instability in the process of corona charge and discussing the mechanism of the sudden change in the voltage-ampere property of corona charge, describing the process with easy-to-understand electrical mold and proving, through the analysis, that the sudden change is itself a natural property of corona charge in that the current increases suddenly when the voltage decreases, thus causing the sudden change. It is found that the instable start (ignition) voltage is related to the structure and the size of electrode as well as to the physical property of liquid electric inductivity. The findings both theoretically and experimentally reveal that there exists a linear relation between the droplet charging amount in the corona-charging processes and the charging voltage.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 27-30 [Abstract] ( 1165 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 247KB] ( 1796 )
31 Experiment of Lawn’s Irrigating System under Sprinkling Irrigation
ZHAO Yong-an
Taking ryegrass premature grain and gaoyangmao for example, adopting different irrigating system, the changing of holarel is measured from April to September; combing with rain quantity and daily water-consuming analyses, the regulation of water-consuming of different lawn, the changing of water-consuming and its influence on the grass’s growth condition is studied, and the three designed water-consuming and irrigating system is put forward.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 31-33 [Abstract] ( 995 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 230KB] ( 913 )
34 Application of Transducer Velometer on Pump Energy Saving
MA Xin-hua, LI Juan, SANG Jian-guo
According to the analysis of pump energy saving, during the pump verified velocity, the quantity of energy waste lie on the type of flow control, and combined with several regular methods comparison, the advantage of variation velocity is concluded. On the base of real instance, the Transducer Velometer is recommended in large scale pump station and those of large energy waste and unit head change.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 34-36 [Abstract] ( 1289 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 197KB] ( 2021 )
37 Automatic Control of Pumps in the Waste-water Recycle System
YOU Peng, CHEN Song
Considering that Zhenjiang Zhengrunzhou Treatment now discharges the waster water directly into the interal river, a waster-water recycle system is designed to save the water consumption and improve the quality of water resources for the city. An detailed introduction is made on the automatic control part of this recycle system, which makes a systematic use of the PLC technology and a full use of the resources now available, integratesvia a sound control program the three parts of rinsing, water replenishing and afforestation together, and keeps all devices under control.And in the process of operation test, the recycle of waste-water proves to be both safe and effective.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 37-39 [Abstract] ( 1183 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 175KB] ( 778 )
40 Design of Software and Hardware Sound Sampling System for Pumping Station
HU Chi-bing, LI Zhen, ZHAO Yao, DONG Kai-song
This article introduces an instrument for sound wave sampling which can be used in industry environments. The instrument is formed by IPC,exact sound level metre, data sampling card and software for sampling and analysis. The software uses DMA means to sample and transmit data, the realtime of data sampling under Windows operation system are guargnteed by use a circle buffer, multi-thread mechanism makes hardware exerts its fully faculty. Through practiced used in a waterpower station, it has been proved that this system has better ability of anti-jamming,it can be used in industry environments which has stronger jam.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 40-43 [Abstract] ( 1032 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 364KB] ( 1013 )
44 Exploration of the Content of Safety Alarm Mark of Small-Scaled Submersible Pump
YANG Yi, JIN Cheng
In order to regular the manufacture, reduce emergency ratio and keep personnel and device safe, due to no definition have been included in the stander file of small-scaled submersible pump, and based on the analysis results of emergency reasons, the safety alarm mark and Chinese explanation should be signed on the pump, and the mark type and color should satisfied with the 4th to tenth regulation of GB10396-1999,and the mark should also include: read the book before use, earth connection reliable, not longen the cable, and submerge the whole pump et al.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 44-45 [Abstract] ( 970 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 156KB] ( 928 )
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 46-49 [Abstract] ( 1041 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 335KB] ( 1005 )
50 Principle of Charged Dust Particle Fusion and the Application in Charge Two-Phase Flow
REN Guo-ping, SHA Yi, Wang Jun-feng, LUO Ti-qian
The Electrostatic technology is presented to be a pretreatment of smoke dust and tail gas in power machinery and factory discharging, which produce dust charge and its reverse polarity charge in tail gas, then make a fusion, a larger dust particle, which contribute to higher efficiency and tech-economic index, and initial test was done to study the feasibility and principle.
2006 Vol. 24 (1): 50-52 [Abstract] ( 846 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 210KB] ( 852 )


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