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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2005 Vol.23 Issue.5
Published 2005-09-25

1 Analysis on CFD Application in Water Pumps
WANG Fu-jun, LI Yao-jun, WANG Wene, CONG Guo-hui, WANG Li-ping
As an approach to analyses 3D complex flow field,Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) has been widely applied in pump design and analysis.It can be used to study the features of pump energy transfer and cavitation,predict pump operation characteristics,and optimize pump hydraulic design.This paper describes the details of pump CFD analysis including the mathematical model of pump CFD,mesh and numerical scheme,turbulence model,function and limitation of CFD,etc.Validation and verification of CFD are discussed according to the latest relative standards.The current situation and development trend of pump CFD are also presented.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 1-10 [Abstract] ( 1568 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 181KB] ( 1856 )
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 10-10 [Abstract] ( 820 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 68KB] ( 697 )
11 Three-dimensional Simulation and Analysis of the Half-helix Suction Chamber for Multiphase Pump
MA Xi-jin, QIN Xia
The shape of the suction chamber decides the inlet velocity distribution of the compression grade in the multiphase pump,and affects the performance of the multiphase pump to a degree.By the advanced three-dimensional modeling software STAR-CD,the three-dimensional model of the half-helix suction chamber is simulated,and the three dimensional modeling results of the suction chamber is obtained.Through analyse the result,some improvement is given about the design of the half-helix suction chamber.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 11-14 [Abstract] ( 946 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 347KB] ( 1023 )
15 Research on the Assembly Time of Garden Pump
XU Hai-lin, WANG Yang, WANG Zhun, LIU Qiang
Take the assembly of garden pump in a corporation of Taizhou in Zhejiang as example,analyses its structure and assembly process,the standardized assembly time of garden pump is discussed by means of industrial engineering(IE) technology and mathematical statistics method.It can provide a credible reference for micropump’s time-making,offer a standard for the setting-up of corporation’s database and the measurement of the work efficient.The standardized work time is also a foundation for designing and improving manufacturing system reasonably.All these can provide a scientific guidance for a corporation to enhance its production administration and increase its productivity.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 15-18 [Abstract] ( 870 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 178KB] ( 846 )
19 The Optimization of Pumping Station Project Planning & Designing for the Eastern Routeof the South-to-North Water Diversion in Jiangsu Province
HUANG Hai-tian, , FENG Xiao-li, XIE Wei-dong, CHANG Hong , WANG Dong-sheng, CHEN Song-feng
Based on the planning&building experience for forty years of Water Diversion Project from Yangtze River to the Northern Part of Jiangsu Province,and the planning effect of the eastern route project in early nineties of the twentieth century,according to request of the Concept of Scientific Development,the paper makes general optimization and adjustment on the station planning&designing of the first-stage of the eastern route project in Jangsu province.Under the condition of no project investment increased,the optimization and adjustment can economize land resources effectively,and bring overall efficiency of the project into play in reason.Combined with the existing project reconstruction moderately,it can increase the project’s technical composition in favor of the operating management and control exertion of the project.Finally,it will enhance the advanced function,reliability and economies of the pumping station project for meeting the running request of interbasin water diversion project.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 19-22 [Abstract] ( 1777 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 90KB] ( 965 )
23 Measurement for Hydraulic Loss of Outlet Conduit of Pumping Station
LU Lin-guang, WU Kai-ping, LENG Yu, ZHU Jie
Based on the new theory of variety for researching a low head pump system,a new method to separate outlet conduit from pump system is put forward for measuring its hydraulic loss.Problems relative to the test device,losses calculation method and error analysis,etc.are illustrated.Compared with the traditional method,the new method has advantages of reducing expenses,shortening period and being much more accurate.The new method is applied to measure the hydraulic losses of two outlet conduits,the geometry shape of which are different.The test results signify that the hydraulic losses of outlet conduit are very sensitive to their geometry shapes.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 23-26 [Abstract] ( 1190 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 149KB] ( 1350 )
27 Computer Control System of The MEI LIANG Pumping Station
YU Miao
To inprove the automatization of pumping station and implement the water control,this paper presents the delamination control system in computer.It includes computer stakeout,computer protect and direct control system.It also introduces the OPC technology used to date exchanged This application can improve the work efficiency and security level of water conservancy and lighten the workload greatly.In the same time,it shows the superiority of the direct control.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 27-30 [Abstract] ( 972 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 97KB] ( 939 )
31 Study on the Calculation Method of Operation Pressure of Emitters
ZHU De-lan, WU Pu-te, WANG Yan-qun, YANG Wen-hui , QiANG Xiao-qjian
The dripper design operation pressure is determined by two grades optimal method and Powell optimal method.First of all,diameter of lateral and the dripper design operation pressure are viewed as deciding variable and diameter of lateral and the dripper design operation pressure are computed by Powell optimal method.Then,lateral with standard diameter which was not below to original optimal diameter and limited pressure is not below to original optimal maximum pressure is selected.The dripper design operation pressure,which could be applied to drip irrigation design,is determined.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 31-34 [Abstract] ( 1282 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 126KB] ( 1216 )
35 Research on the Seep Regulation of the Treated Sewage in the Loess Layer
WANG Ying, WANG Jun-feng, WAN Yan-hua
Researched the seep regulation of the handled sewage for the agriculture irrigation in the loess layer in the Qingyang region of Gansu province.The purification effect of loess to treated sewage is studied with soil pillar.The results show that the lower seep rate vails the sewage retreatment and the disposed wastewater can not contaminate the groundwater in the agriculture irrigation process.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 35-37 [Abstract] ( 1193 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 113KB] ( 989 )
38 Inquiring into Internal Auditing of Private Pump Enterprises
PENG Shao-jin
This article is to stress the importance of internal auditing in private pump enterprises,which are confronted with strong competition.Internal auditing is essential not only to strengthening internal management,but also to adding to the worth of the enterprise and to improvement of the operating efficiency.To carry out internal auditing,first its concept,function and content should be clarified.Besides effective measures should be taken to establish and perfect the auditing system,to enhance auditing management,and to improve the proficiency of auditors and the means of auditing.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 38-40 [Abstract] ( 1068 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 77KB] ( 824 )
41 Points for Attention in Pump Selection for Submersible Pump Station
WANG Shu-li, WANG Xing-rong, ZHOU Jing-hong
In order to solve the problem caused by irreasonable pump selection that pumps unable to runsmoothly,from the viewpoint of a manufacturer,by specific example analysis,different process in pump stationdesign are analyzed,and some notices about pump selection are presented.And a suggestion that operationpoint is related with station design and pump selection is given as well.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 41-42 [Abstract] ( 964 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 119KB] ( 868 )
43 The Anticorrosive Technology of Water Supply Pipe Wall
ZHAO Yong-an
In the project of water supply,most steel pipes are set underground to ensure the quality ofproject and prolong the life of pipes,the data about the anticorrosive technology are summarized.Combinedwith engineering practice,some solutions are taken: adopting concrete mortar on the pipe inside and resin coalasphalt coating on the outside,and some attentions in process are also given.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 43-45 [Abstract] ( 916 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 90KB] ( 1410 )
45 The Research and Practice of the Process Technology inPrecast Concrete Board of Canal
LI Cheng-min, WU Wei
Canal lining is an important kind of measurement to saving water irrigation at present,andpresent Concrete board is one of the main materials,whose quality has vital influence on the project of Canallining.On the base of engineering experience and practice,the process technology of the precast board isintroduced and due to some common quality problem in making the board,the reasons are analyzed and somesolutions are also given.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 45-47 [Abstract] ( 992 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 89KB] ( 788 )
48 Analysis and Simulation of the Thrust-Speed Characteristics for Linear Switched Reluctance Motor
QUAN Li, YANG Si-yun, LIU Xian-xing
Linear Switched Reluctance Motor(LSRM) is a new kind of motor,It’s dynamic thrust-speed characteristic is one of the most important performance targets The dynamic mathematics model of linear switched reluctance motor is derived based on linear inductance model.According to the control characteristic of linear switched reluctance motor,the dynamic thrust-speed characteristic is analyzed in chopping control.Matlab/Simulink toolbox is used to do simulation.Result of simulation and experiment validate the conclusion.
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 48-51 [Abstract] ( 1080 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 252KB] ( 918 )
2005 Vol. 23 (5): 52-52 [Abstract] ( 827 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 38KB] ( 797 )


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