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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2005 Vol.23 Issue.4
Published 2005-07-25

1 Test Reports of A New Series of Axial-flow Model Pumps
GUAN Xing-fan, et al
A new series of axial-flow model pumps developed by Jiangsu University have been developed. The test results carrial out at Tianjiang test bed organized by the South to North Water Transfer Project of Water Conversary Ministry are introduced. The technical index analysis and design method of model pumps are discussed here.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 1-5 [Abstract] ( 1263 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 829KB] ( 1275 )
6 Analyses on Improving the Life of the Screw Pump’s Stator Rubber
CHEN Yu-xiang, WANG Xia, ZHOU Song, LI Chen-fu, ZENG Ming-you, HE Xian-ru, DING Rui
The paper introduces the design and technique of the screw pumps. In order to improve the service life of the screw pump,the working principle and factors affecting the service life of the screw pump are studied. The new rubber in a screw pump stator and the optimum design method of screw pumps at home and abroad in recent years are summarized. Applying the composite material mainly including silicate mineral and acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber,the activating silicate mineral nanometer complex material with good properties are developed,the properties of this material are better than that of carboxyl acrylonitrile-butadience rubber and all-purpose acrylonitrile-butadience rubber.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 6-9 [Abstract] ( 1359 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 268KB] ( 1945 )
10 Primary Analysis of the Way in Improvement of the Anti-Erosion of the Vertical Sludge Pump
ZHANG You-liang, LAN Cai-you, HOU Yong-sheng
This article focuses on the following problems which shorten the pump′s life: the poor ability of the movable and vertical pump against the erosion,the serious erosion of the flow passing parts,the untimely and frequent damage of the seal. These problems are analyzed from the design of hydraulics and structure,selecting of materials,surface hardened of the flow passing part,achieving the points what need be pay attention to in the design and the practical way in surface hardening and seal of the structure.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 10-13 [Abstract] ( 1114 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 404KB] ( 864 )
14 Measurement for Hydraulic Loss of Inlet Conduit of Pumping Station
LU Lin-guang, ZHU Jie, LENG Yu, WU Kai-ping
Based on the theory of variety for researching a low head pump system,a new method to separate inlet conduit from pump system was put forward for measuring its hydraulic loss. Problems relative to the test device,test rule,losses calculation method and error analysis,etc. were illustrated in this paper. Compared with the traditional method,the new method has advantages of reducing expenses,shortening period and being more accurate. The new method was applied to measure the hydraulic losses of two groups of elbow inlet conduits,the geometry shape of which are different. The test results signify that the hydraulic losses of elbow conduit are relative closely to their geometry shapes.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 14-17 [Abstract] ( 977 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 626KB] ( 989 )
18 Numerical Simulation of 3D Flow for Forebay of Combined Sluice-Pump Station Project
QU Lei-fei, WANG Ling-suo, CHEN Song-shan
Numerical Simulation of Three-dimensional Flow is applied on inlet passage of Zhejiang boatyard pumping station,based on Navier-Stokes equations and the standard-Turbulent mode. From the computional results,the flow status,the various types of vortices are predicted. The measures of sills have been successfully applied on the project,and the solutions can be used to direct the design of the combined sluice-pump station project.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 18-20 [Abstract] ( 1059 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 209KB] ( 853 )
21 Research on Cut-off flow of the Vacuum-breaking Valve at Jiangdu Pumping Station
SHA Xin-jian, LI Xiao-yan, GU Yu-lan, LU Sheng-san
The staple of the article is introuduction to the process of growing about the structure and installational site of the vacuum-breaking valve at the Jiangdu pumping station.The idea of our means:The perferction design of the cut-off flow of the vacuum-breaking valve.It not only abate start-up value,but also narrow areas of the ventilation pipe of the vacuum-breaking valve.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 21-24 [Abstract] ( 1051 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 813KB] ( 902 )
25 Study on Integration Between Computer Monitoring System and Optimization Model in Irrigation Channel Distribution
LI Bin, ZENG Qing-Zhu
Irrigation optimization model is aimed to obtain optimal outlet flow distribution scheme in a distribution channel,it is an important role in improving the level of irrigation district management and water saving. But the optimization result is usually implemented manual operation in the computer. In this paper,the irrigation optimization schedule based on rotation irrigation model is integrated to computer control system by OPC technology,which carries management of irrigation distribution channel to a new level.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 25-28 [Abstract] ( 910 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 356KB] ( 1020 )
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 29-33 [Abstract] ( 1065 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 476KB] ( 966 )
34 Analyse of Trying Running After Technological Transformation of JianBi Pumping Station
XU Fu-xiang
After flood season of 2003 before flood season of 2005. The Jian Bi Pumping Station has transformed the capital equipment the article brief introduction the transform situation and key introduction running situation of trying on of equipment after transform.Have analyse that has tried question and counter measure appearing in course out and offered the suggestion of improving further. The reconstruction of pumping station is proved successful through analsysizing its economic profit and try out summary.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 34-37 [Abstract] ( 862 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 566KB] ( 888 )
38 Analysis on the Current Situation of the Pumping Station and the Measures of the Technical Transformation in ChuZhou
The writer of the article analysed the current situation of the pumping station in ChuZhou: too many stations,the aging of the equipments,the lack of the outlay,etc. In allusion to the actuality,the writer puts forward some more efficient measures in order to bring into play the role of the pumping station practically.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 38-39 [Abstract] ( 1106 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 100KB] ( 800 )
40 The Preliminary Research on Sprinkler Tube Application
ZHANG Fang, ZHOU Shi-feng, WU Di-fei, ZHUANG Jin-liang, HUANG Hui-ming
Because of the shortage of water resources in China,water-saving irrigation has become the development trend. And now,advanced water-saving irrigation technologies,such as sprinkler irrigation,micro-sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation,have achieved application in a wide scope,and is relatively mature of the research about technical parameter,standard,equipments etc. While the research of sprinkler tube is still almost in blank. With the development of water-saving irrigation technologies,and cultivation area of the vegetable,lawn,flower,fruit tree extending,the workload of fine irrigation is too more and more great. On the certain degree,conventional irrigation modes can′t adapt to the modern agriculture,and making use of sprinkler tube is just development direction in water-saving irrigation.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 40-43 [Abstract] ( 1841 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 497KB] ( 1141 )
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 44-45 [Abstract] ( 1045 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 105KB] ( 811 )
46 A Preliminary Study on the Electrostatic Spraying Combustion of Heavy Oil
SHAO Xia, WEN Jian-long, WANG Zhen-tao
To improve the atomization capability of heavy oil and obtain a full combustion,the researchers make the inward #180 heavy oil as subject investigated and apply the high voltage electrostatic technology in the spraying combustion of heavy oil. After the former experiment on the research table of electrostatic spraying,the result indicates that in the same condition the average diameter of the electriferous droplets decreases approximately by 40 percents. The combustion and emission are improved obviously and the pollution is reduced effectively.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 46-48 [Abstract] ( 848 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 554KB] ( 1137 )
49 Calculation of Deflection of Polymer-Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams in Pumping Station
HU Ji, SHI Qi-yin
The present work is intended to develop a simplified calculation based on the test data. It is known that the regular pattern of the strengthened section response is trilinear. Closed form equations are developed for the deflection calculation throughout the load range. The formula has a higher precision after verifying by the test date.
2005 Vol. 23 (4): 49-52 [Abstract] ( 959 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 601KB] ( 770 )


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