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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2004 Vol.22 Issue.4
Published 2004-07-25

1 Theoretical Research the Balancing Axial Thrust by Increasingthe Back Sealing Ring of the Impeller
LI Qi-fei, LIU Zai-lun, LI Ren-nian, CHEN Yun-fu
The axial thrust is always a problem which researcher pay attention to. The former researcher has brought forward many methods of balancing axial thrust of the pump. In this paper the theory is proved that increasing back sealing ring can balance the axial thrust, and the theory is testified by quoting experiment result of literature. This method is simply in practice and can realize pump operation under negative axial thrust.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 1-2 [Abstract] ( 1261 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 170KB] ( 728 )
3 Design Method of the Electromagnetic Pump
XU Jian-Qiang, YANG Xiao-Feng
The principle of a new kind electromagnetic pump which has a magnetic circuit to produce reciprocating magnetically permeable piston motion is introduced.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 3-4 [Abstract] ( 1311 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 123KB] ( 2431 )
5 Research on the Measures to Improve Inlet Flow Pattern for Multi-sets Pumping Station With Side-inlet
XU Yue-jiang, FENG Jian-gang, CHEN Yu-ling
According to the theses on the hydraulic characteristic of the Wenshui Road pumping station in the Third Period Shanghai Disposal Sewage project, the methods were discussed to the inlet flow patterns and the influence of the inlet flow patterns, and the measures were put forward to ameliorate the flow pattern in the paper. The conclusion from the paper were valuable in ameliorating flow patterns and improving pump performance and the efficiency of the pump and the pumping station were enhanced.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 5-8 [Abstract] ( 882 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 297KB] ( 1049 )
9 The Choice of Umbrella-Gear Transmission Routing Through Pump Unit′sStructure Types in Luyang Pumping Station Project of the ChannelWhich Leading Huaihe River Into Sea
YANG Hong-qun, HUANG Liang-yong, XIA Jue, WANG Jian
The character of the hydraulic model, gear, axletree, seal and shaft coupling which adopted in Huge umbrella-gear transmission routing through unit are introduced. The merits of the selected unit which has simple structure, convenience run and maintenance, less install task and high efficiency are expatiated. It supplies reference for the design of pumping station unit.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 9-13 [Abstract] ( 943 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 328KB] ( 962 )
14 Automation Design of the Trunk Canal Pump Station in Shilling Lake Area
CHEN Qing, YI Yong-qing, LIANG Xi
This paper takes a design as an example to introduce the composition and characteristics of the automatic control system of a small-medium size pump-station, so as to meet the demand of modernized management in irrigation area for water-saving, energy-saving, running cost-saving as well as the conception of humanism.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 14-16 [Abstract] ( 1164 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 294KB] ( 1033 )
17 Lightnight Protecting Step of Upright Distribution Engine Used in Big Pumping Station
HUANG Ren-kang, HUANG Zhi-feng
This sheet of article will introuduce the lighting protecting steps into the upright distribution engine of the high tension that can be used in the hydropower and the pumping station without the primary transformer.When the upright distribution engine suffers the immediate thunder and the reaction thunder we can analyse the lightning wave passed through the lightning protecting installation and calculate wave velocity gradient and interception tension. Engineers who research into the high tension techqiue can refer to it.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 17-19 [Abstract] ( 911 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 221KB] ( 1113 )
20 The Application of Multi-function Control Valve in PumpingSystem of ZhanHua Water Works
GENG Ling-sheng, HAO Xiao-hui
In waterworks design, in order to solve the problem of water hammer, overcome a great deal of unfavourable shortcomings of the trodiational manual gate valve and check valve, and reduce trouble probability, we installate multi-functional control valve of JD745X for pump to replace check valve on second pump house pipeline at ZhanHua water works, manul gate valve is kept and used as overhal valve; The new multi-function control valve for pumping system has been operated and data analyzed for many years, it has good result in resolving water hammer etc. It is the product that can renew the old one on water pump discharge system.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 20-22 [Abstract] ( 1207 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 194KB] ( 1052 )
23 Application of variable Frequency Constant Pressure Water Supply Equipmentin Lage-scale Pumping Station
YAN De-qing, LI Hong-liang, Li Yuan
According to the problem existing in the traditional technological water-supply, principle of applying variable frequency timing technology to adjust water pressure and selection of water-supply equipment with variable frequency are introduced. Problem existing in water-supply with variable frequency in Xinmu river Dapu pumping station and resolution are put forward. Results show that it is very important to adopt variable frequency and constant pressure to ensure steady water pressure and to realize auto-control in pumping station.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 23-25 [Abstract] ( 1066 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 189KB] ( 618 )
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 26-27 [Abstract] ( 1061 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 162KB] ( 888 )
28 The Mapping Engineering Research for MABS Double Suction Impeller
CHEN Yi-chun, ZHAO Ji-ping, WU Xu, WU Yin-zhen
The paper introduces the mapping engineering for MABS double suction impeller. With the mapping engineering theory, we carried out the impeller mapping design for its structure, hydraulic performance, processing and material. The designed impeller was proved by running testing. The mapping method for pump impeller adopted in the paper is of great useful and reference.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 28-30 [Abstract] ( 1183 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 256KB] ( 890 )
31 Spot Test and Result Analysis of a Pumping Station
LIU Man, HU Yu-lin
In order to check the design,manufacture and installation level of the pumping station,Using the kinemometer and other equipments.We test the pumping station and the device efficiency.The test can offer the foundation for checking and accepting the project and economical function.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 31-34 [Abstract] ( 831 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 253KB] ( 1089 )
35 Experimental Study on Energy Characteristics for Axial-flow Pump
XU Feng, ZHENG Yuan, LIAO Rui, ZHANG Jing-xuan
Combining certain pumping station in Jiangsu, experimental study on energy characteristics for axial-flow pump is introduced. The energy characteristic tests for two different model runners are carried out The result shows that airfoil of vane effect performances of pump seriously. Work efficiency of pump can be improved by adopting smaller camber and bigger leaf blade density.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 35-38 [Abstract] ( 921 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 201KB] ( 668 )
39 Mathematics Model and Numerical Analysis of the MOCVD Reactor
CHEN Yan, WANG Zhen-tao, LUO Ti-qian
The mathematics model of Metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) reactor with system of GaN deposition in a vertical reactor is introduced. The model includes the fluid flow, heat and mass transfer equations. The problem is solved numerically by unstructured grid, using the upwind finite volume method for the three conservation equations. The distributions of velocity, temperature in the reactor are predicted. The numerical results presented can also be used to predict thermal conductivity and diffusion and momentum transport phenomena in axisymmetric vertical reactor. It provides the theoretic basis for optimization of MOCVD reactor.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 39-41 [Abstract] ( 1174 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 194KB] ( 933 )
42 Study on the Improvement of the Corrosion-Resistance Performanceof the Pump Used for the Quenching Liquid Circulating
HU Zheng-bing; HUANG Gen-liang
The principles and features of the electroless composite plating have been briefly discussed. The composite coating with the depth up to 45-60μm and improved in corrosion-resistance and wear-resistance performance has been obtained. It indicates that this process has the good foreground to enhance the service life of the pumps and valves worked in the corrosion environment.
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 42-44 [Abstract] ( 1240 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 188KB] ( 928 )
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 45-46 [Abstract] ( 996 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 156KB] ( 916 )
2004 Vol. 22 (4): 47-47 [Abstract] ( 838 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 65KB] ( 640 )


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