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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2004 Vol.22 Issue.2
Published 2004-03-25

1 Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Internal Flow Within the Impeller Of Roto-Jet Pump
ZOU Xue-lian, CHEN Hong-xun
Based on the analysis of the physical model of the impeller of roto-jet pump, the analytical mathematics model of internal flow within the impeller is set up. By exploiting software, analysis of three-dimensional potential flow within the impeller of roto-jet pump is carried out, and the theoretical head obtained by impeller is calculated. At the same time, the commercial software Fluent was applied to calculate the internal flow. Compared with the results obtained by above two methods, the method is proved to be feasible.
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 1-4 [Abstract] ( 981 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 310KB] ( 629 )
5 Prospect of Genetic Algorithm to Optimization Design of Blade for Centrifugal Pump Impellers
YAN Yong-qiang LIANG Wu-ke
The paper introduces present situation of the applications of genetic algorithm in fluids machinery. It presents a design method for blade of centrifugal pump impellers based on genetic algorithms. It also analyses the difficulties and feasibility when using the genetic algorithms during the optimization. Besides it supplies some new suggestions and attempts on the development of the optimization design of the centrifugal pump.
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 5-7 [Abstract] ( 1032 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 229KB] ( 1113 )
8 Present Status and Development Prospect of Vortex Pump
WANGYong-zhi, SHIWei-dong, DONGYing, CHENLi, PANZhong-yong
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 8-11 [Abstract] ( 1271 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 255KB] ( 1222 )
12 Study the Working Condition on the Relayed Drainage System for Large-scale Submersible Motor Pump
GAO Chuan-chang, WANG Shun-sheng, LIU Zheng-yong
According to the actual condition of the relayed drainage system within slaved dangers and provided disasters for deep mine, this paper analyzes the main factors affecting the working condition relayed drainage system for large-scale sbumersible motor pump, establishes the corresponding mathematics model,and develops a popular program for deep mine rushing to deal with an emergency and providing disaster relief and connecting the dint draining system with Visual Basic6.0. Practice verifies the established mathematics model and developed program, and offers a basis to establish reasonably and grasped actually the working situation about the relayed drainage system for large-scale submersible motor pump, which improves the reliable degree trying to be slaved dangers and drained off water.
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 12-15 [Abstract] ( 1192 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 296KB] ( 772 )
16 Research The Economical Operation for Pump Station Based on Computer Controlling Systems
HUANGLiang-yong, DAIQi-fan
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 16-20 [Abstract] ( 878 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 342KB] ( 943 )
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 21-23 [Abstract] ( 995 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 194KB] ( 862 )
24 The Typical Technique Application in Water Gate Station Construction
MIN Gui-de
By the condition of the renovated and rebuild water gate station which locates on LiXia River in HaiAn county, and combining the design characteristics on this project, this paper put forward the adoption of correlative constructing technique in such project. This paper also analyse and evaluate the technique application from formulated idea, technological process, superiority on technology, application range, economic profits, and constructing time. Which can be as a sample for build such similar project and this kind of water gate station, it also can be a basis for carrying out the typical technique on this kind of project in the future.
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 24-26 [Abstract] ( 814 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 191KB] ( 841 )
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 27-28 [Abstract] ( 986 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 155KB] ( 1032 )
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 29-29 [Abstract] ( 768 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 72KB] ( 849 )
30 Reduce the Energy Consumption for Strengthen Pumping Station Manage
LIU Jia-chun, BAI Jian-guo
Strengthen pumping station manage, raise the efficiency of pumping system, reduce the energy consumption vary important meaning trcat reduce cast of the drainage and irrigation. Put forward of measure of reduce the energy comsumption.
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 30-33 [Abstract] ( 1006 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 296KB] ( 1057 )
34 Water Resource Management and Decision-making System Based On GIS
SHEN Yi-jun, ZHENG Ming, XU Jin, GANG Xin-Xin
The crisis of water resource has been one of the social and environmental problems of the world,which would be the main barrier of the living and development of the society in the long period. The main functions and system model structure of Zhenjiang water resource management and decision-making system based on GIS are introduced in detail. Then it discusses the key technique such as how to select and use the water quality models and to couple them with the system and how to deal with the real time space-time system. The way is described in the end that how to select the system platform and the procedure to implement the system main functions with examples. Management and decision will be automatic and scientific in benefit of the system when it is accomplished and then it will be useful to protect the water resource.
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 34-38 [Abstract] ( 1605 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 383KB] ( 637 )
39 Development of Automatic Control System for Water Saving Irrigation
HU Gang, SHENG Bo, SONG Pei-qing, ZHANG Xue-wu, HUANG Yong
A control software of the system is designed by delphi 6. The system is designed with structure of three class for computer remote control. All events of irrigation insert into the database automaticly, and will come into being several kinds of forms of irrigation automaticly, so as to statistic and analysis the irrigation data.
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 39-42 [Abstract] ( 1326 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 327KB] ( 1098 )
43 Study on the Enterprise Application the Product Standard Behavior
ZHANG Xian-sheng
In 21st century, especially, after China accessed to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the market competition is more furious than before. In order to win an advantage of the competition, more and more enterprises come to realize that apply product standard is a powerful tool for market competition. Enterprise apply product standard is a basic enterprise behavior. This paper depicts the behavior process, behavior characteristics, behavior consider, behavior subjects and motivating and controlling mechanize of the enterprise application the product standard behavior, then establishes the evaluating methods of the enterprise application the product standard consciousness and the model and content of the motivating and controlling mechanize.
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 43-46 [Abstract] ( 971 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 272KB] ( 576 )
47 General Situation of Internal And Oversea Pump Industry at Home and Abroad and Level Analysis and Thoughts on Wenling Pump Industry
The development of the pump industry in Taizhou city is introduced in detail. And fours sides of this industry are compared to pump industry at home and abroad. Thesefour sides are including pump serials, production value, output; technology level, management level, production level; Sale ability and extroversion economy; integrate level and enterprise scope. The reason of the rapid development in Wenling pump enterprise is analyzed, and the thoughts for further development is brought forward.
2004 Vol. 22 (2): 47-49 [Abstract] ( 1139 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 241KB] ( 1228 )


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