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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2003 Vol.21 Issue.6
Published 2003-11-25

2003 Vol. 21 (6): 1-1 [Abstract] ( 822 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 56KB] ( 754 )
2 Hydraulic Performance Assess Target Research of Low-head Pump Equipment inSouth-North Water Transfer Project
LIU Chao
The low-head pump equipment and its hydraulic performance in south-north water transfer project is explained, and the country status question in this field is analyzed. Before building South-North transfer project into the world toping project, the pumping station project should be building into the world toping project firstly. Then the assess target of low-head pump equipment in south-north water transfer project is pointed out from the reality of the country pumping project field. This supplies reference to the design, building, checking and accept of the east line of south-north water transfer project.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 2-5 [Abstract] ( 939 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 182KB] ( 972 )
6 Effect of Blades Number on the Affinity Law for Centrifugal Oil Pumps
LI Wen-guang, YE Zhing-ming, SU Fa-zhang
The commercial centrifugal oil pump of type 65Y60 has been chosen as a test object, and the affinity law accounting impeller trimmed and effect of the number of blades have experimentally investigated. The results show that the values of the flow rate, head, shaft power and efficiency trim exponents differ from existing trim exponents for normal centrifugal water pumps. The flow rate, head, shaft power and efficiency trim exponents highly depend upon the liquid viscosity and impeller diameter trimmed at best efficiency point. The thicker the viscosity is and the less the diameter is trimmed, the larger the exponents show departure from existing analytical trim exponents for normal centrifugal water pumps. When the diameter is trimmed larger, the test exponents demonstrate a trend closing to the analytical exponents. The effect of the number of blades on the head exponent is the largest, on flow rate exponent is lager and on power, efficiency exponents are minimal.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 6-10 [Abstract] ( 1062 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 192KB] ( 849 )
11 Hydraulic Design of the Single-vane Opened Impeller
ZHANG Guang-zhi
The hydraulic design method of the single-vane opened impeller is wholly introduced. And basing on the test statistical data of varies specs of pumps, the calculate formulation to ascertain the impeller main size is deduced. The shape of the single-vane and the drawing method of the optimal streamline are expatiated particularly, and many ideas to improve the pump performance are advanced here.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 11-14 [Abstract] ( 1061 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 167KB] ( 848 )
15 Research on Improving Machanical Seal Reliability and Reducing Leakage
JIN lei, HU Wei
Because of the higher head of sewage submerged pump, the performance of the machanical seal become very important to the sewage submerged pump. The auther of this paper done quantitative analysis to the leakage of machanical seal ,put forword the mathod of reducing the leakage. It improved the reliability of machanical seal and reduced the leakage, assured that the sewage submerged pump can work safely.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 15-16 [Abstract] ( 1048 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 84KB] ( 607 )
17 Design of the Pilot Pressure-releasing and Pressure-continuous Valve
LI Zhi-peng, LIU Ming-Ian
The structure, work principle and design method of the pressure-releasing and pressure-continuous valve are introduced. This kind of valve uses piston as driver, and uses pilot valve as degenerative feedback controller. Its application shows that it have some good characteristics. It turns on rapidly; it has good pressure release effect; it removes water hammer when closed which avoiding pipe pressure fluctuating; it has steady continuous pressure, and it runs steadily.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 17-18 [Abstract] ( 1097 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 121KB] ( 619 )
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 19-20 [Abstract] ( 831 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 93KB] ( 647 )
21 Research of the Trash Rack Equipment of Floating Body Pumping Station in Xiaobei Main Stream of Yellow River
YUANG Heng-tai
According to the real operation situation of Wuwang pumping station in Jiamakou irrigation area of Yuncheng city Shanxi province, based on the thesis analysis, the practical scheme of leading trash floating body is suggested. This supplies a new design thought for Yellow river to build and rebuild large and medium pumping station.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 21-22 [Abstract] ( 927 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 90KB] ( 787 )
23 Design Method of Long-throated Flumes
SHEN Bo JI Qing-feng, CHEN Ji-Jin
The structure, flow measurement principle and design method of long-throated flumes are described. Applying the continuity equation and the energy equation of flow ,the fundamental principle of hydraulic calculation for long-throated flumes is discussed. The head loss of fluid which flows through the long-throated flume is analyzed by using the boundary layer theory. A method for calculating the relationship between water level and discharge of long-throated flume is obtained. Long-throated flumes can be calibrated using computer programs, thus eliminating the need for laboratory calibration. The field testing showed that the calculating method can predict the measured flow rate with less than 5% error.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 23-26 [Abstract] ( 1186 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 152KB] ( 847 )
27 Analysis on Wreckage of Moguhu Stilling Pool
WU Yu-feng
The cause of the wreckage of Moguhu stilling pool is found out by analyzing experimental data and computing formula in this paper. It is showed that the wreckage was caused by the faulty design of the stilling pool. The faulty design had not only something to do with the choice of jump length formula, but also with the accurate calculation of flowrate. So the accurate calculation of flowrate and the choice of jump length formula should been taken into account when designing and analyzing the stilling pool.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 27-29 [Abstract] ( 1005 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 125KB] ( 901 )
30 The Problem of Guhai Yangshui Pumping Station Project and Reform Suggestions
ZENG Ji-jun, GUO Si-zbong
The ageing problem of electromechanical equipment in Yangshui pumping station is one of the main reasons which persecute its continuous development. The shortage of fund restricts the large and medium Yangshui pumping station to reform technology in time and efficiency. Based on its ageing situation and according to its existing problems, the latest situation of the technology reform is analyzed, and suggestions to reform pumping station technology are brought forward here.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 30-32 [Abstract] ( 864 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 170KB] ( 925 )
33 Design of Electronic Fuel Injection System for the Dual-Fuel Engine
ZHAO Yang-sheng, ZHENG Rong-liang
E2POT Nonvolatile Digital Potentiometer is a typical one among the Digital Potentiometers of Xicor company’s products. The characteristics, working principle, and the technology of using E2 POT Nonvolatile Digital Potentiometer in electronic fuel injection for the dual-fuel engine for power unit of irrigation machinery were introduced. The injection pulse length was controlled hy using an anti-lose-easily rheostat X9221 and a monostable trigger 14538. Due to the anti-lose-easily characteristic of X9221, the ECU is more reliable. At the same time ECU has the features of simple structure, convenient accommodation ete.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 33-36 [Abstract] ( 942 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 237KB] ( 901 )
37 Improvement Design of Micro-pump Electromotor
LIN Zhi, JIANG Sheng
According to the work demand, the design characteristic of the matched electromotor is suggested, such as the slot shape of the steel slice, the slot number of the stator and rotor, the type of the roll group, the rise of temperature, the end voltage of the capacitor and the moment of the start. Basing on the design method of the current standard electromotor, the improvement method of design is suggested. This method is tested to be practical and the effect is evidence ,
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 37-38 [Abstract] ( 906 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 91KB] ( 825 )
39 Computer Monitor System for Hydraulic Sluice with Deviation Rectification Function
G UO Jia-hong, CHEN Hong-xun
A computer monitor system for the hydraulic drive sluice with deviation rectification function is founded. The control mode for hydraulic sluice with deviation rectification function is proposed. The distributed computer system mode is employed in this supervision system, which will promote the modernization and high efficient management of the sluice.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 39-41 [Abstract] ( 1112 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 230KB] ( 819 )
42 Present Status and Development Trends of Low-specific-speed Centrifugal Pumps
ZHANG Pei-fang, YUAN Shou-qi, YU Jian-qiang
The hydraulic design theory and configuration status of low-specific-speed centrifugal pumps are summarized. The main problems of pumps in hydraulic characteristics such as low pump efficiency, humble head-flow curve and easily overload brake horsepower etc, and their countermeasures developed in recent years including greater flow design and non-overload theory etc, are introduced thoroughly. Some problems under settlement in the development of low-specific-speed centrifugal pumps are discussed and the trends for further development are also put forward.
2003 Vol. 21 (6): 42-45 [Abstract] ( 1107 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 217KB] ( 874 )


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