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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2003 Vol.21 Issue.4
Published 2003-07-25

1 Advances in Non-clogging Pumps
GUAN Xin-fan, ZHANG Tao, WEI Dong, WEN Xue-tong
The development of non clogging pump on inside flow,design method and axial seal structurein the last ten years has been summarized. The questions that should be studied in the future are also raised.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 1-4 [Abstract] ( 948 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 207KB] ( 748 )
5 Design Method of the Non-overload Sewage Pumps
CONG Xiao-qing, YUAN Shou-qi, YUAN Dan-qing, ZHANG Pei-fang
According to the feature that the axle power curve of the low-specific-speed sewage pumpincreases with its flow rate,deduces in theory the conditions for the sewage pump to have an non-overloadpower characteristics,and analyzes the effect of basic geometric parameters on the head-flow curve, andprovides with the range and the principle of selecting the basic geometric parameters in non-overload sewagepump hydraulic design,and gives a design example which is a helpful inferences in the design of non-overloadsewage pump.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 5-7 [Abstract] ( 981 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 98KB] ( 572 )
8 Design on the Combination Sealing of Vertical-type Mud Pump
WU Xiao-rong
Puts forward the vertical-type mud pump sealing compbination. The three sets of seal combinationincluding ring seal, vane seal and spiral seal are discussed on their principles and design, etc. Compared withthe tranditional mud pump seal. The test result shows that the above combination seals can improve the resistancelife for mud pump greatly.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 8-9 [Abstract] ( 913 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 129KB] ( 741 )
10 Analysis on the Hump Air-pressure in the Low-headSiphon Pumping Setting during Starting Transient Period
CHEN Song-shan, , YAN Deng-feng, LU Wei-gang, GE Qiang
Based on theoretical analysis of aerodynamic characteristics on the discharge pipeline, dynamiccharacteristics of pump setting and combined with rotating speed law through actual measure, the mathematicalcalculation model of transient hump air-pressure during starting period is put forward considering unsteadyflow, pump performance curve and similitude laws in low-head siphon pumping installation. The variation lawsabout dynamic parameters can be obtained through Newton-Raphson method by the way of Composingmathematical model finite difference and nonlinear equation. The integrated model can predict the hump air-pressure in the low-head siphon pumping setting during starting transient period.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 10-12 [Abstract] ( 1335 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 116KB] ( 699 )
13 Experimental Research on the Hydraulic Characteristicsof the Pumping Station’s Pressurized Forbay
XU Hui, DUAN Zhi-qiang, YU Yong-hai
The pressurized forbay,close in top structure,is a kind of particular forbay in which water ispressurized.Based on the integral hydraulic model test of a waterwork’s water-transport pumping station,some research on the hydraulic characteristics of the pressurized forbay has been done in the paper.Throughmodel test the inflow pattern is analysed. Some measures to improve the flow pattern and the ways to raise theefficiency of the pumping station are discussed.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 13-16 [Abstract] ( 1103 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 156KB] ( 883 )
17 Discussion of the Crack in the Wall of BEN JIAJI Second Lifting Water Hinge Construction
Min Gui-de
Basing BEN JIAJI Second Lifting Water Hinge Construction,aiming at the place and thecharacter of the crack produced, the cause of its forming and the mechanism are analyzed .The measure ofprevention and cure are put forward.The results is good.It is use for reference of pumping staition and thesiminal project.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 17-19 [Abstract] ( 867 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 154KB] ( 592 )
20 Research on Hardening Back Ferrules by Rolling
LIU Zhong-de, FAN Shu-tian
According to the difference of demanded performance of dual ferrule between front and backferrules,a rolling experiment on cone of bake ferrule made of 316 and 1Cr18Ni9Ti austenitic stainless steelhas been carried out. By analysing the results and some effective factors,suggestions of controlled materialproperty to front and back ferrules are put forword.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 20-23 [Abstract] ( 954 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 284KB] ( 654 )
23 Effective Practice for the development of Water SavingIrrigation at Droughty RegionsInvestigation Report on Development of Water Saving Irrigation in Yian city,Heilongjiang Province
JIN Shu-de
Yian city,Heilongjiang Province belongs to the west of Northeast droughty area where sufferfrom drought nine out of ten years. Especially,the problem of drou-ght during the season of spring has becomea main factor restricting the development of agriculture. Under the support of Minister of Irrigation Works,popularization and application of water saving irrigation technologies pushes forward the development ofagriculture. Those technologies have achieved good economic and social benefit,increasing farmers incomegreatly. The experiences from their spreading the technologies of water saving irrigation are summarized andintroduced. They strengthened management and implemented overall layout. They popularized gradually frompoint to area,set up the service standard and carried out the system of supervision. They combined agriculturemeasures with hydraulic,so as to achieve increasing farmers profits and income.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 23-26 [Abstract] ( 1267 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 222KB] ( 685 )
27 Review of the PDPA Experimental Studieson Nozzle Spray Characteristics
WEI Qi, CEN Qi-gang
Nozzle Spray is very popular in power, chemical, agricultural, and environmental engineering,and it is an important part of the research on two-Phase flow. The investigations of the spray characters suchas the droplets diameter distribution is helpful to understand the principle of spraying and optimize the sprayconfiguration. In this paper, the basic principle and the research status of PDPA are briefly described, theexperimental studies on the measurements of the spray characteristics by applying PDPA measurement systemsare reviewed, and the prospects for this research is presented.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 27-30 [Abstract] ( 1155 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 223KB] ( 1658 )
31 Variable Frequency Adjusting Velocity Energy Saving TechniqueControled by PLC Hour after Hour for Water-supply Pluming
LI Tai-fu, TAN Guang-yi
This paper introduces practical new techique for secondary pump station in water plant withVVVF controlled by PLC in the way of direct program, in which controlling target is set on the most disadvantagepiont and hour after hour stastics model takes the place of feedback loop. Such a system turns out to be successfuldue to simple characteristics with apparent result in energy saving and economic profit.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 31-33 [Abstract] ( 1250 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 121KB] ( 845 )
34 Automatic Constant-Pressure Water Supply System Based on PC Computer
ZHU Ben-kun
Deals with an automatic constant-pressure water-supply system,which functions by means ofadjustment of the number and rotational speed of operating pumps in the light of such parameters as hydraulicpressure,water level and flow of the water-supply pipe-net.The hardware composition diagram of thesystem and its working principle are firstly presented,and on the basis of the functional requirement of thesystem itself,serial communication principle of PC computers and MCS-51 single chip microprocessor isfocused on.Language VB6.0 is adopted to design the programs for data communication between the upper andlower computers,display of process control and data processing.The system is characterized by stability,convenience,excellent human-computer interface and strong capability of expedition.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 34-36 [Abstract] ( 1148 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 163KB] ( 823 )
37 Reserch on Vacuumization System Control in Pumping Station
WU Shen-jun, Tang Wen-hua
Aiming at two pumping station that axial-flow pumping station while including hump siphonoutflow waterway and horizontal centrifugal pumping station which are used for irrigation mostly. Analyzesthe importance of realizing automatic start of main pump when vacuum is formed in pumping station simply.Discusses two kinds of vacuumization autocontrol methods which make use of sensor technology to accomplish.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 37-38 [Abstract] ( 1042 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 145KB] ( 1103 )
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 39-40 [Abstract] ( 932 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 107KB] ( 858 )
41 Using Alternating Electric Welder to Dry Electric Motor of Low Voltage
LI De-Xing
It introduces a drying way for small and medium-sized electric motor oflow voltage, According to the practical application,the drying way is very conve-nient and safe, and the operating range is very extensive.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 41-42 [Abstract] ( 812 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 81KB] ( 798 )
43 Establishment on Two Phase Flow Charged Particles Motion Equation
WEN Jian-long, CHEN Hui-long, WANG Jun-feng, CHEN Song-shan
s:Charged two phase flow majors in investigating collective behavior of the charged particles.Based on analysing the force action on the charged particles in the continuous phase, this paper choosesStokes force as the standard resistance and compares the magnitude of different resistance. According to theNewton motion law, motion differential equation is put forward. The reasoning of this equation promotes theresearch of the electrostatic charged two phase flow.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 43-45 [Abstract] ( 849 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 112KB] ( 998 )
46 Development and Advisement on Small-sized Diving Electric Pump Industry
XU Min-tian
The general situation of small-sized diving electric pump and the present conditions about itsmain producing area Wenling City in Zhejiang Province are discussed. For better development in the futureabout this pump, many constructive advise such as supporting strong firms and punish the forger, intensifyingcommunication in technology and information, exploiting international market actively, increasing the technicallevel and implementing tactic about scutcheon.
2003 Vol. 21 (4): 46-48 [Abstract] ( 1087 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 165KB] ( 679 )


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