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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2003 Vol.21 Issue.2
Published 2003-03-25

1 Design and Research on Modern Large-sized scale Pumping Station and the South-to-north Water Transfer Project in the East of China
QIAN Jun, SHAO Zheng-rong
In our country large scale modernized construction of water conservancy is being on. The construction of south-to-north water transfer project in the east of China demands high standards for large-sized scale pumping stations. In this article, in order to regularize the modernized construction of large-sized scale pumping stations and the management direction, and provide bases for the plan, design, construction, selection, management of large-sized scale pumping stations and the change of present pumping stations in south-to-north water transfer project, the authors have a primary discussion to the definition, connotation, leading ideas, total demands total construction and management criterion of modern large-sized scale pumping stations.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 1-6 [Abstract] ( 983 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 404KB] ( 596 )
7 Mathematical Methods of Segmenting the Axial Streamline for Centrifugal Impeller
BAN Yun-ji et. al
When the traditional impeller axial streamline segmenting method is implemented in the hydraulic design of centrifugal impeller, it requires repeating choosing the values and comparing their suitability, resulting in the accumulated errors. Therefore, it is slow and with low precision. In order to obtain higher efficiency and accuracy, this article brings out a mathematical method by geometric analyzing and the algebraic description for the progress of segmenting axial streamline. It finally gives the formulas that can be used in computer programming.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 7-11 [Abstract] ( 1130 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 191KB] ( 887 )
12 Several Noteworthy Problems On Submersible Pump Design
LIU Zai-lun XING Le-bin, ZHU Liang
Some problems as axial thrust, cavitations corrosion and bearing etc of submersible pump are studied in allusion to submersible pump with low reliability. Several noteworthy problems and solution ways on submersible pump design are put forward, based on which the reliability of submersible pump design was referred.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 12-14 [Abstract] ( 1173 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 139KB] ( 727 )
15 Application of SEZ Vertical Mixed Pumps in Pump Station
LV Xiu-long, JIANG Cheng-qi
The paper discusses the characteristics of and its application for vertical mixed pump. The authors of the paper analyse the SEZ vertical mixed pump structure and its main characteristics, and discuss it’s application fields with the example of pump station of Slender West Lake of Yangzhou. Practice proved that the vertical mixed pump has a very wide application prospect.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 15-17 [Abstract] ( 1058 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 144KB] ( 738 )
18 Introduction of Porcelain Bearing Used in Vertical Axial and Mixed-flow Pump
ZHUO Ming-hong
Porcelain is a kind of new material used in dry-lubricating bearing. It has good wearing capacity in the condition of dry-milling or milling with sand water. Porcelain bearing has been applied successfully. The chosen of material, property characteristics, structural form, property testing and its application used in vertical axial and mixed-flow pump are introduced. As a new dry-bearing material, porcelain bearing has high reliability and it can be spread our widely.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 18-21 [Abstract] ( 847 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 193KB] ( 972 )
22 Study on Improving the Turning Technique of the Former Pump Stations Along the South-to-north Water Transfer Project
ZHANG Duo-feng, ZHAO Bing-feng, LIANG Qiu-sheng, CHANG Ya-li
With the south-to-north water transfer project completed, the design water levels of the rivers and lakes along its line will generally rise, and the net heads of the former pump stations will decline, which makes the pumps with lower efficiency, probably brings about the surcharge of the motors, and influences the economy benefits and safe operation of pump stations. In this paper, the method of specific calculation and implementation, with the aim to raise pumps efficiency for centrifugal pump stations through the use of turning impellers to adjust the workings points, has been researched. The method, which has many advantages such as less money investment, easy operation and good effects, is suitable for the technical innovations in those contrifugal pump stations on the condition that the water level will have risen by the time the transfer water from south-to-the-north project is put to use.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 22-24 [Abstract] ( 855 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 130KB] ( 662 )
25 Application of PLC in the Automatic Control System of Hydaulic Floodgate in Pump Station
PAN Wei-feng
The working principle of hydaulic floodgate is introduced in this article. The existing problem of it in manegement are summarized. With the example of PLC applied in the automatic control system oi hydaulic floodgate in Zaohe Pump Station, the features, function and design principle of the monitor system are described, which is a useful reference for the automatic control system of hydaulic floodgate improvement.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 25-28 [Abstract] ( 957 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 188KB] ( 1004 )
29 Design of O-ring Packing for Pump
LI An-hu, LI Hong
In this paper ,the use requirements,seal mechanisms and design theories of 0-ring are discussed and analyzed. The general design methods of 0-ring packing for pump is introduced through concrete experiment data and experience parameters. And related issues regarded in the design of 0-ring packing are also pointed out. At last the therefore scientific and reasonable advice for the correct design in 0-ring packing for pump is brought forward.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 29-32 [Abstract] ( 923 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 172KB] ( 1159 )
33 The Improvement of AC Motor’s Control in Pumping Stations
FANG Zhi-ming, SHENG Zhan-shi, YING Rui-nan
As the AC motors have a big load, in pumping stations,if the starting and braking of AC Motor is not stablest will cause big shock for pump and other facilities resulting in damage pump or other facilities. As the conventional PID control do not assure stable, the authors give a new method that use fuzzy nearest-neighbour clustering to design minimum variance self-tuning controller, and the simulation shows a good result.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 33-36 [Abstract] ( 967 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 182KB] ( 670 )
37 Present Situation and Prospect of Automatic Control Technology in Water Saving Irrigation at Home and Abroad
ZHANG Ring, YUAN Shou-qi, CHENG Li
The importance of automatic technology in irrigation management is discussed, the present situation and existing problems of water saving irrigation controller at home and abroad are introduced in detail , including Israel, America, Australia and our country, and the applications of some new techniques in irrigation controller is analyzed including fuzzy control, neural network and expert system, etc. and the trends for further research are also discussed.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 37-41 [Abstract] ( 1546 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 304KB] ( 1688 )
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 42-44 [Abstract] ( 778 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 184KB] ( 765 )
45 Discuss on the Existing Problems of Submersible Pump Standards
ZENG Xing-ning YANG Xu-ying
The article discusses the existing problems of submersible pump standards in safety requirements, inspection in factory and testing methods, and the concrete suggestion and resolution were put forward.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 45-46 [Abstract] ( 981 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 108KB] ( 580 )
47 The Idea to Reduce Environmental Pollution for Traditional Industry
PEI Hong-jie, ZHANG Chun-ye, WANG Gui-cheng
With the development of the world economy, the environment is increasingly exacerbating. The sustainable development must be carried into execution for human being to exist. It represents the reason of environmental pollution in traditional industry and overviews the abuse of end of pipe and proposes the idea to reduce environmental pollution in headstreams that the enterprises could be organized to make production to carry out sustainable development on the base of the second law of thermodynamics macroscopieally, the theory of industrial ecology, and green manufacturing & cleanness production microcosmically. How to bring sustainable development into effect for mechanical facilities of irrigation and drainage is discussed finally.
2003 Vol. 21 (2): 47-49 [Abstract] ( 927 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 167KB] ( 585 )


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