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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2002 Vol.20 Issue.4
Published 2002-07-25

3 Push the Cause of Drainage and Irrigation Forward by the Advancement of Science and Technology
DIN Din-rong, XU Hai-gen
The history of Zhejiang’s development of Drainage and Irrigation causeis reviewed .It is expounded that science and technology advancement is the only wayof the development of Drainage and Irrigation cause .
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 3-4 [Abstract] ( 909 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 98KB] ( 677 )
5 3-D Numerical Simulation for Incompressible Turbulent Flow in the Impellers ofDouble-channel Pumps
LIU Hou-lin, YUAN Shou-qi, SHI Wei-dong, KONG Fan-yu
The 3-d turbulent flow in the impellers of double-channel pump issimulated in this paper. By using the time-averaged N-S equations and the k-eturbulent model modified to consider the curvature and rotation, applying SIMPLE-Calgorithm to make pressure-velocity correction equation, the calculation is carriedout with Body-fitted Coordinated grid. The calculated velocity and pressuredistributions of the turbulent flow in double-channel pumps are given for the firsttime, which will be supportive to the optimal design and performance prediction ofdouble-channel pumps on the basis of flow field simulation.
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 5-8 [Abstract] ( 920 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 164KB] ( 1032 )
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 9-10 [Abstract] ( 832 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 81KB] ( 1009 )
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 11-14 [Abstract] ( 731 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 203KB] ( 585 )
14 Development of Software of Prediction of Centrifugal Pump Performanceunder AutoCAD Environment
HE ZHi-xia, LI De-tao, YUAN Jian-ping, ZHU Rong-sheng
The software of prediction of centrifugal pump performance that is theresult of second development of the AutoCAD drawing system is developed with idealcombination of AutoCAD drawing resources and Windows programming style .In thisarticle, the characteristics of the software of prediction of centrifugal pumpperformance in realization progress and the function of the software are introducedsimply. At the same time, the realization theory and drawing progress of theprediction of centrifugal pump performance is elaborated deeply.
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 14-17 [Abstract] ( 969 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 181KB] ( 1162 )
18 Research on Permeable Mechanism of Surge Irrigation
LIU Yu-lin
In this paper,the basic theory of surge irrigation is discussed andit/s characteristics and permeable mechanism are analyzed. The feasibility andnecessity of developing surge irrigation in China are expounded by analyzing presentsituation of agriculture development.
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 18-20 [Abstract] ( 869 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 191KB] ( 531 )
21 A New Kind of Multi-function Hydraulic Giant
WEN Jian-long, WANG Jun-feng, SHA Yi, Hou Su-juan, LUO Ti-qian
Currently the domestic widely used single-function hydraulic giant isnot flexible and the efficiency is low. Based on the extensive investigation andexperimental research,a new kind of multi-function (straight flow,spraying,andwater wall) hydraulic giant is developed which can work in different conditions.Compared with the single-function hydraulic giant,the new one’s function ofspraying and straight flow all meet the demands of national standard.
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 21-23 [Abstract] ( 894 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 165KB] ( 607 )
24 Calculation and Collocation of Fit Time Values of automatic throw-in device ofemergency supply in Chief Substation
XU Jian-ying, LIU Yu-ping
Automatic throw-in device of emergency supply (BZT is a shortened form)are the important devices that keep power supply for factories. The choice reasonis not only necessary in design, but also the calculation must be right beforeapplication. This paper analyses and discusses the problems in calculation andcollocation of fit time values in detail for standby power automatic supply deviceof general system in factory’s chief substation.
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 24-26 [Abstract] ( 759 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 114KB] ( 953 )
27 A Centralized Monitoring System for the Smallmedium Pump Station
DUAN Chuan-shu, XIAO Jia-fu, CHEN Nian-ping
This paper introduces a new design of centralized monitoring systemwhich is applied in the small medium pump station. It characterizes withreliable operation and convenient service with high sensitivity and low cost.Italso has other advantages.
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 27-30 [Abstract] ( 1027 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 151KB] ( 503 )
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 31-33 [Abstract] ( 820 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 153KB] ( 552 )
34 Canal Automatic Control Algorithms and Their Technical Trends
YAO Lin-bi, ZHANG Ren-tian
In this paper, the canal control algorithms in the automatic systems ofirrigation districts have been summarized. The control algorithms were classifiedinto three types which are considered variables, logic of control and designtechniques. The advantages and disadvantages of each algorithm were analyzed andcompared. A developing trend is predicted that is more comprehensive control systems,including dominating control of down stream level, combining feedback and feedforwardcontrol, using modern control theories such as artificial neural network, fuzzycontrol, system identification and generic typology etc. and unsteady simulationmodels as well. New control algorithms will widely be applied in multi-usage andmulti-objectives of irrigation districts.
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 34-38 [Abstract] ( 1186 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 248KB] ( 1006 )
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 39-40 [Abstract] ( 822 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 75KB] ( 777 )
41 Study on the Method to Control Pump Shaft Power
PANG Jie-Wen
The formulas of Centrifugal pumps is analysed.The relations about head andefficiency variational coefficient fH and fη is founded.Scientific basis for designing pumpis provided.
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 41-43 [Abstract] ( 894 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 132KB] ( 767 )
43 Application and Development of the Surface EngineeringTechnoLogy in Pump Parts
SHAO Hong-hong JI Jia-ming, WANG Nan
The properties of the parts for the pump are expounded. The author introducesbriefly the study of the surface techniques and their application in the parts for thepump. At the same time, the author inquires into the developmental direction of thesurface techniques and their prospective application in the parts for the pump.
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 43-45 [Abstract] ( 779 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 151KB] ( 720 )
46 Analyses the Technology about the Diesel Engine-pump Set
GAO Zhang-fa
Some technology problem about the diesel engine-pump set that must benoted is introduced. Specific property of turning around, the best seperating andmerging speed about diesel engine to form a complete set pump are analyzed.
2002 Vol. 20 (4): 46-48 [Abstract] ( 841 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 130KB] ( 765 )


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