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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2002 Vol.20 Issue.2
Published 2002-03-25

2002 Vol. 20 (2): 3-5 [Abstract] ( 813 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 148KB] ( 775 )
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 6-8 [Abstract] ( 1043 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 174KB] ( 757 )
9 The Developing Strategy of the Chinese Small and Medium-sized Pump Enterprises after WTO-entry
LU Qing
With china entering into WTO, the domestic pump enterprises are facing the challenge fromthe foreign pump companies. Because of the competitive environment becoming complex and vehement day-by-day, it is more and more important to study the corporation strategy. Based on introducing the analysismethod of the strategy management, this article studies the external environment and the inner factor of thesmall and medium-sized pump enterprises, points out the strength, weakness, opportunity, threaten in present,and use the strategy SWOT matrix analysis, gives the suggestion about the developing strategy for the smalland medium-sized pump enterprises after WTO-entry
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 9-12 [Abstract] ( 927 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 185KB] ( 587 )
13 Review on the Large Axial-Flow Pumps with Low Head
RUAN Fu-xin, XU Yue-hua
Summary: In order to solve the question about drainage in low head, and provide references for pumpstation designing reference, the waterpower model, setting form and pump structure etc. Are analysed andstudied.
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 13-14 [Abstract] ( 897 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 96KB] ( 1061 )
15 The CAD and Coefficient Statistics on Hydraulic Design ofDouble-channel Impeller
MA Hao-chen, LIU Hou-lin, GUAN Xing-fan PEI Jun
On the bases of many designs and tests , provides the hydraulic design way on computer aideddesign of double-channel impeller, and with some main parameters. Gives the values of inlet speed coefficientKD1 and outlet speed coefficient KD2 , and introduces the ways of calculating radius R1 of front cover board andradius R2 of back cover board. A midline equation of impeller plan channel and a change rule of channelsection area are suggested in this paper for the first time.
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 15-17 [Abstract] ( 841 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 144KB] ( 882 )
18 Study on the Stuffing PTFE of Wet Pit pump
WANG Chun-lin, YANG Min-guan, GUO Xiao-mei
With the studies about the stuffing PTFE, the variable curves between the shaft diameter andthe wall thickness of guiding bearing, the running clearance and the minimum of cooling water are obtainedas well as the design method of stuffing PTFE. It’s proved that the life of guiding bearing is rather longerdesigned according to the method.
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 18-20 [Abstract] ( 1041 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 121KB] ( 850 )
21 Machining for Screw Impeller of Sewage Pumps
GAO Xiao-fen
Summary: The article analysis the construction feature of the key part screw impeller of sewage pumpswhich imported from Italy; discuss the technology carft and tooling how to effect the accuracy of impellermachining; confirm; confirm the technology craft for machining impeller and method of checking dynamicequilibrium and some problem which should be paied much attention to in machining.
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 21-23 [Abstract] ( 1070 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 120KB] ( 848 )
24 A Kind of Starch Pump Developing
WEN Quan-yi, XU Chang-shun FENG Wei-li
This paper introduces a method and the processing of an equipment. DFB-80-65-230 starchpump which is applied to producing potato starch . It supplies an example for developing the same kindpump which possesses other technical performances.
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 24-25 [Abstract] ( 849 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 74KB] ( 608 )
26 Design and Implement of Management Information Systemin a Lager Pumping Station
CHEN Xing, CAO Wei, YANG Peng QIAN Fu-jun, QIAN Jiang
This paper introduces the method of management information system design and implementin a lager pumping station. Controlling automation and non-paper office work are realized by setting upadministration Intranet. And Tianzhou Yinjiang River administration connects with Responsible Department,provincial flood-control head quarter and provincial regimen with the water professional wide net, to executefar transfer, signature with net and reversion for variety information and schedule instruction with Webtechnology.
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 26-29 [Abstract] ( 1065 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 171KB] ( 576 )
30 Simulating Computation of Pumping Stations Synchronous Machines of Three-phase Short-circuit
ZHANG Jian-hua, SHI Wang-wang, YANG Peng
Three-phase short-circuit of pumping station of synchronous machines have serious influencetoward the machines and electric power systems. In designing of the systems, Protect of short-circuit mustaccording to design of electric current. Analytic means of theory not only complex but also confined. Amathematical model of three phase synchronous machines is developed in this paper. Based on this model,three-phase short-circuit of synchronous machines are emulated and computed .Two kinds of method ofcalculation are compared. Emulation have characteristic of briefness and higher precision.
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 30-34 [Abstract] ( 916 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 170KB] ( 594 )
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 35-37 [Abstract] ( 930 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 149KB] ( 803 )
38 Discussion on Quality Control ofWater Supply and Drainage Installation Works
The common fail of quality, harmfulness and causes in water supply and drainage installationworks in modern buildings were discussed in this paper. Based on reinforced management,quality controlof the whole procedure of installation works, programming in advance , implement following the tracks of, aperfect and well acted system of quality control, the quality of water supply and drainage installation workswill be guaranteed .
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 38-40 [Abstract] ( 958 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 127KB] ( 703 )
41 Discuss Some Problems on Pumps in Watering Irrigation Eangineering
JIN Zhao-sen, WU Wei-feng, LIU Jing-sen
The types and characteristics of the water-saving irrigation engineering are introduced . Thedemands and Some problems on pumps are analyzed and discussed.
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 41-42 [Abstract] ( 1094 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 140KB] ( 672 )
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 43-45 [Abstract] ( 1047 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 158KB] ( 555 )
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 45-46 [Abstract] ( 942 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 90KB] ( 839 )
2002 Vol. 20 (2): 47-48 [Abstract] ( 777 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 104KB] ( 681 )


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