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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2001 Vol.19 Issue.4
Published 2001-07-25

3 Scientific Management Countermeasures on Large-sized Scale Pumping Stations
According to the present management situation of the large-sized scale pumping stations of our country, the paper analyses problems of the large-sized scale p umping stations in management work. From the needs of market economy and the wat er resource condition of our country and the national economy of 21 century, sci entific management countermeasures are expounded, the large-sized scale pumping stations must excavate potentiality and technical renovation, establish unified manage system of water supply and drainage and the specialization management sy stem with market economy, new water price mechanism is established with the mana gement pattern. At the same time, pumping stations must go to the road of compre hensive development. These countermeasures can be referenced for the relevant pl an and management department.
2001 Vol. 19 (4): 3-7 [Abstract] ( 1600 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 285KB] ( 1117 )
8 Orthogonal Polynomial Fitting for Pump Characteristic Curves
ZHOU Long-cai, QIU Chuan-xin
Orthogonal polynomial is used to fit the characteristic curves of pump with rand om data to avoid the ill-conditioned system of equations that probably appears i n ordinary polynomial fitting. The Forsythe Recurrence Method is adopted to gene rate the orthogonal polynomial, and the degree of the polynomial is determined b y significance test. Using drawing program to make intuitive analysis for the co mputation, the method is shown to be practical by several actual examples.
2001 Vol. 19 (4): 8-11 [Abstract] ( 1169 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 125KB] ( 1023 )
12 The Design of Narrow-passage Centrifugal Impeller
LIU Jian-rui
The design of narrow-passage centrifugal impeller (Q=0.5 m~3 /h) is introd uced in this paper, this kind of impeller, with smaller flow capacity and higher delivery lift, is design by blockading a part of the flow passage. The design i ncludes: to block a part of the flow passage and to enlarge the outlet impeller width (b 2), resulting in easy manufacture and controlling the flow capaci ty and reducing the hydraulic loss in the flow passage. The test indicates: the hydraulic design part is successful because it can meet the need of the pump wit h a flat performance curve. This kind of impeller can be widely used with smooth operation. Also the physical dimension can be easily guaranteed during the manu facturing procedure.
2001 Vol. 19 (4): 12-14 [Abstract] ( 862 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 118KB] ( 969 )
15 Pumping Axis Amortization Study in Pumping Station With X Style Outlet
LUO Shi-hong, ZHU Hua-ming, LIU Chao-fu, WANG Ye-bao, ZHANG Ho u-wen, SUN Yun-ping
This atricle analyzed the malfunction in the Fenghuangjing Pumping Station, whic h was caused by the fluctuation pressure intensity error in outlet. By spacing o ut the vibration source,we solved this problem. According to the operation, it i s proved that this method is casy and reasonable. This method gets the desired e ffect making the pumping axis working stable, resulting in district economical a nd social benefits.
2001 Vol. 19 (4): 15-20 [Abstract] ( 889 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 273KB] ( 1006 )
21 Improvement of Pump Strainer of Clearing Away the Rubbish With Manpower
ZHANG Duo-feng, ZHANG Duo-ling, et al.
The pump strainer that is adopted manpower in clearing away the rubbish is widel y used for farm pump stations at present because of its less investment. But the using strainer influences pump stations economical working when it is difficult for manpower to clear away the rubbish heaped in front of the strainer. The art icle analyzes stressing case of the rubbish which is in front of the strainer fo r its bank angle and upside structural genre, it is suggested improvement advice which settles cruxes: the rubbish is piled up during the station working the am eliorated strainer improves pump efficiency and economical effectiveness because it is easy for manpower to clear away the rubbish.
2001 Vol. 19 (4): 21-22 [Abstract] ( 1038 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 132KB] ( 632 )
23 Analysing Temperature Ascend of Submerible Electric Motor
XUE Feng
As heat exchange and disseminating heat of manners of Submerible Electric motor are complex, analogy means are adopted in calculating temperature ascend of sub merible electric motor. But analogy means of precision was relatively low and di seconomy. So we adopted predigest heat way in calculating temperature ascend of submerible electric motor. We proved that way was veracity and could completely substitute analogy means.
2001 Vol. 19 (4): 23-27 [Abstract] ( 982 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 189KB] ( 967 )
28 The Trip Reasons of a Centrifugal Pump Motor and the Countermea sures
FU Song
After a centrifugal pump is put into operation, its running clearances will incr ease gradually to make the pump hydraulic performance decline. And the driving m otor trip may occur if the H-Q performance curve of the pump is flatter. Analys is and discussion on these problems are made in this article, and some methods f or preventing the motor from trip are given.
2001 Vol. 19 (4): 28-30 [Abstract] ( 1204 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 130KB] ( 1051 )
2001 Vol. 19 (4): 31-32 [Abstract] ( 814 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 107KB] ( 919 )
2001 Vol. 19 (4): 33-34 [Abstract] ( 1024 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 89KB] ( 1042 )
35 A New Workmanship for Swirl Peeling of Long and Thin Rotors
MAO Ren-kang, GAO Xiao-fen
After making analysis of the structure of the rotors of screw pumps 1.2RPEO29PO for unclear power station, a new workmanship of swirl peeling method was propose d for machining the long rotor. And proved by practice, this workmanship has sol ved the problems in swirling peeling long and thin rotors. It can fully meet the requirement of swirl peeling for rotors of screw pumps for unclear power statio n and can be extensively promoted in swirl peeling multistage long and thin roto rs.
2001 Vol. 19 (4): 35-36 [Abstract] ( 1481 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 86KB] ( 1108 )
37 Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in the Technological Process
JI Jia-ming
This paper introduces the concept of failure mode and effects analysis(FMEA) in mechanical manufacture process, and the principles of applying. The purposes of FMEA include:(1) discover, comment the potential failure mode and effects analys is of technological process, (2) find the way to avoid the potential failure hap pening,(3) as an example pump shaft heat treatment is given.
2001 Vol. 19 (4): 37-39 [Abstract] ( 1256 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 121KB] ( 1297 )


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