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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2001 Vol.19 Issue.3
Published 2001-05-25

3 Application of CAD in Hydraulic Design of Fire Pump
ZHU Jian peng, JING Xiang hua, GONG Jing, LUO Chang qing
The CAD method is applied in the hydraulic design for fire pump, based on the factory’s producing practice. We build the mathematic model of the impeller’s axis plane projection, and parameterize the design of axis plane projection, and formulize the area checking of flow channel. Hence, the computer can automatically design axis plane projection and check the flow channel’s area. The paper gives the changing rules of the ρ-L curve and its optimizing methods. The CAD design method can greatly improve the precision and speed of the hydraulic design of fire pump’s impeller.
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 3-6 [Abstract] ( 849 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 128KB] ( 878 )
7 Impeller Vane Molding and Its Tooling
The traditional technic of vane’s mold manufacturing does not suit the demand of the high performance and the high development efficiency of modern hydrulic machine. Using improved 3D software,we can make the 3D esse of the vane of the pump’s impeller,then we delaminate it by computer. Through the sintering or crudling technic layer of vane can be made in the laser molding machine. Finally a mold can be built by splicing. By this way,it comes true making the mold of the vane fast and nicety,improving the efficiency of design.
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 7-9 [Abstract] ( 889 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 228KB] ( 805 )
10 Development of Self priming Pipe Vortex Micropump
SHA Yi, YANG Jing jiang, WEN Jian long
For the necessary of market, a new kind of pipe pump is designed. The paper expounds the working principle, self priming process and hydraulic design as well. This paper also analyses the test result of micropump 20GZ1.5 10 0.25, and the result shows that it meets the design requirement.
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 10-12 [Abstract] ( 958 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 96KB] ( 847 )
13 Function Analysis of the Sh type Centrifugal Water Pump Water seal Pipe
LI Duo min
This paper analyze the situation of the Sh type centrifugal water pump axle seal to leak, discusses the function of the Sh type centrifugal water pump water seal pipe, points out the way to set up the regulating valve on the water seal pipe. It could extend the seal life and improve the seal effect.
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 13-14 [Abstract] ( 971 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 128KB] ( 1578 )
15 Curved Designing Lasting Pressure Value Used in Mountain Area
ZHANG Min, LIU Ren xian
In this paper the authors introduced a lasting pressure valve used mountain area and detailed the structure of the lasting valve, working principle and designing course.
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 15-17 [Abstract] ( 1230 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 136KB] ( 838 )
18 Feasibility Research on Pump Application of Donghe Hydro Project
Lu Jian xin, Ruan Fu xing
Donghe hydro project located in Zhongshan city Guangdong province is a main and comprehensive hydro project of Zhongshun large polder for flood prevention, water logging drainage and shipping. The pump station of it is the main water logging drainage pump station, which take key effects in the industry and agricultural production of the whole polder.
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 18-19 [Abstract] ( 823 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 94KB] ( 813 )
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 20-22 [Abstract] ( 909 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 112KB] ( 789 )
23 Application of Numerical Protection Relay and PLC Used in Integrated Automatic System of Large Pumping Station
LIN Xian kun, ZHAO Wei dong
The paper introduces the function of GE Mutilin series numerical protection relay. The configuration of PLC in the system is discussed and the structure and function of Logicmaster 90, a PLC programming software, is also analyzed in it. And then the application instance of the relays and PLC in integrated automatic system of Liulaojian large pumping station is given.
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 23-25 [Abstract] ( 1880 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 145KB] ( 783 )
26 Energy saving and Technology reforming Analyses of Middle and Small Scale Electrical Irrigation and Drainage Pumping Stations
WANG Zhao han, XUAN Chang guo
Energy saving and technology reforming in pumping stations have brought great economic interests in some province. But in Heilongjiang province, one of the important accomodity grain bases in our country, some problems of electical irrigation and drainage station need to solve as soon as possible. The paper analyzed the problems existed in electrical irrigation and drainage pumping station and reasons of the problems for a long period in Heilongjiang province. We have put a in depth research into practice for the two typical pumping stations among them. According to their material situation, proposed relevant reforming measures and performed the estimate on their economic benefit. It is certain to provide referable experience and a good sample for the energy saving and technology reforming of some middle and small scale electrical irrigation and drainage pumping stations.
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 26-28 [Abstract] ( 1160 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 142KB] ( 1095 )
29 Discussion on Material Saving of Oil filled Submersible Motor
YU Bao wen
This paper illustrated the relations among heat load of induction motor, temperature raising and effective volume. Also two important basis for material saving of oil filled submersible motor were proposed here, i.e. good cooling condition and reducing effective volume could reduce oil consumption. Detail examples were listed.
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 29-30 [Abstract] ( 899 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 80KB] ( 1050 )
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 31-32 [Abstract] ( 799 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 114KB] ( 814 )
33 Abnlmal Vibrating in Pump Room Reason And Solution
XU Bang Tian
By analyzing the actual situation of pump room vibration, this paper is going to find the reasons and solution for the occurrence of vibration, and to provide reference for the design and installation of similar.
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 33-34 [Abstract] ( 810 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 88KB] ( 1180 )
35 A Compilatory Explanation on the Revising of Norms of WASTE SUBMERSIBLE MOTOR PUMPS
JB5118—91 "Types and Basic Parameters of Waste Submersible Motor Pumps for Farm Use" and JB5119—91 "Specifications of Waste Submersible Motor Pumps for Farm Use" have been combined into "Waste Submersible Motor Pumps". This paper gives a detailed Compilatory Explanation to the revised norms in "Waste Submersible Motor Pumps", Technical personnel in all works of life can make use of this explanation for reference in quoting and applying new norms in "Waste Submersible Motor Pumps".
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 35-38 [Abstract] ( 1315 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 211KB] ( 828 )
42 An Exploration Of Pump Enterprise Capital Structure
ZHU Yun feng
Introducing the respective advantages and disadvantages of the capital structures of high equity and high liabilities, the author analyses the ways of realizing optimum capital structure. Pump enterprises should fully emphasize their capital structure, give full play to enterprise assets and realize the maximization of the interests of their share holders.
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 42-44 [Abstract] ( 977 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 161KB] ( 922 )
2001 Vol. 19 (3): 45-45 [Abstract] ( 894 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 58KB] ( 740 )

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