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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2009 Vol.27 Issue.2
Published 2009-03-30

69 Optimization design of valve-less piezoelectric pump with V-shape tube based on numerical simulation
He Xiuhua,Yang Song,Deng Xulian,Bi Yushi
Flow loss in V-shape tube was analyzed,and the structure of the valve-less piezoelectric pump with V-shape tube was optimized.CFD software was used to simulate the flows in the original and improved V-shape tubes respectively.The results indicate that the flow resistance coefficient of the improved V-shape tube at bus tube opening with round corner is greater than that with right angle.By comparing the velocity vector distributions in the two tubes,it can be concluded that the bus tube with round corner can restrain the back flow and eddy,thus reduce the flow losses increase.By simulating numerically five V-shape tubes with different radius of corners,it is shown that greater radius of corners can increase flow resistance coefficient of V-shape tube and the efficiency of the valve-less piezoelectric pump.The optimization design of the kind provides a way to further improve the valve-less piezoelectric pump with V-shape tube.  
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 69-72 [Abstract] ( 1912 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 314KB] ( 942 )
73 Numerical calculation and experimental study for interior flow field in triangular labyrinth screw pump
Wang Chunlin,Zhang Hao,Peng Na,Zhao Baitong,Zheng Haixia
Based on the theoretical analysis of a triangular labyrinth screw pump,the 3D flow of clean water inside the pump was simulated with the software FLUENT.The Reynolds time-averaged N-S equation,stand k-ε turbulent model and SIMPLEC algorithm based on unstructured mesh were adopted.The diversification of the main characters of inner flow and the outer characters were obtained.By comparing the results from test and simlation,it is discovered that both performance rules are very consistent,which proves the validity of the calculation model.The results can be used to explain the interior flow field characteristics of the triangular labyrinth screw pump,and will provide some useful references for its design,improvement and optimization.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 73-77 [Abstract] ( 1818 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 358KB] ( 1017 )
78 Optimization design of flow passage components in cleaning robot and analysis of its inner flow
Shi Weidong,Wang Min,Cao Weidong,Zhang Desheng
To solve the problems such as low efficiency and high cost,the impeller and pumping chamber of a cleaning robot were redesigned by analyzing the flow passage components.Cleaning robots with different designs were simulated by SIMPLE method and k-ε turbulence model.The power consumption,turbulent kinetic energy,efficiency and external performance were analyzed and compared.The experimental results show that,the new streamlined impeller with optimized pumping chamber can reduce power consumption obviously,improve the inner flow and efficiency,prolong the robot′s life,and reduce the cost of manufacture.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 78-82 [Abstract] ( 1435 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 347KB] ( 1043 )
83 Analysis of radial forces in centrifugal pump with single and double volute based on FLUENT
Liu Jianrui,Xu Yonggang,Su Qiqin,Wang Dongmei
With commercial software FLUENT,two equations standard k-ε turbulence model and SIMPLEC algorithm were adopted to simulate the internal flow-field of a centrifugal pump with single and double volutes.The distribution laws of static pressure field and velocity field were analyzed,and the radial forces were calculated by empirical formula.The comparing analysis indicates that centrifugal pump with single volute may have large pressure difference,which acts on impeller to produce radial forces,in both sides of tongue tip at off-design conditions.Some high speed unsymmetrical flows appear on impeller exit at low flow rates.While centrifugal pump with double volute can effectively improve the energy conversion in volute at off-design conditions,and the flows at low flow rates are more symmetrical,which can reduce the pressure difference and to balance the radical forces.The calculating result indicates that,the design can reduce the radial forces effectively at off-design conditions,the results of numerical simulation can basicly match with existing theory,and also offer some basis for better understanding the double volute pump.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 83-86 [Abstract] ( 1850 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 293KB] ( 1293 )
87 Effect of viscosity on centrifugal pump inside tail stream
Liu Yi,Song Huaide,Chen Jianxin,Hui Wei′an
The internal viscous oil flow characteristics in a centrifugal pump impeller were measured experimentally.The flow separation near the blade suction surface was observed,which formed the wake at different flow rates.With the viscosity increasing,the fluid on pressure sides flowed to the impeller outlet and continued to accelerate until to the impeller outlet.The wake suction covered the entire surface,the area between the blades and near the center of the relative speed were different,they accelerated the formation separation and vortex.In order to improve the impeller for the delivery of viscous water,we must take appropriate measures to eliminate or weaken the separation of wake.The result can provide reference for further study of the viscous oil pump.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 87-90 [Abstract] ( 1636 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 235KB] ( 906 )
91 Automatic test for pump system characteristics based on LabVIEW
Tang Yue,Luo Yin,Xu Yanfei
An approach for measuring pump set characteristics was presented to change the status that the pump system characteristic calculated by the empirical formula was not exact.The formula of the pump set pipeline characteristic was derived by means of the energy equation of the inhalation of water-absor-bent cross-section tube,pump intake cross-section,pump outlet cross-section and the cross-section of valves.Therefore,the actual characteristics of pump setting could be easily calculated through measuring the relevant parameters in the formula to determine the pipeline losses,the pressure at the end of device and the upgrade elevation when the flow was being regulated by the inverter.In the measurement system which is composed of the virtual instrument and the LabVIEW,the automatic testing of the pump set characteristics is realized easily by inputting the relevant data in the program.The pump set characteristic curve was measured by use of the testing system and was basically consistent with the calculated value.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 91-94 [Abstract] ( 1683 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 252KB] ( 1159 )
95 Structure improvement of disc pump and its solid/liquid two-phase flow simulation
Li Bin,Qi Hao,Guo Yuexin,Si Yan
Concerning the status of low head and low efficiency of the mixed transmission disc pump when transporting the crude oil,a structure improvement for the original impeller was made,and the solid/liquid two-phase turbulent flow in the pump was simulated by using Eulerian multiphase model,standard turbulence model and SIMPLE algorithm.The distributions of pressure and velocity in the pump and the different relation curves for solid phase particle concentration as function of head,efficiency and mass flow were obtianed.The results show that the static and total pressures keep increasing from inlet to outlet,the maximum pressure appears at the outer wall surface between volute spiral and diffuser.The solid phase particles are mainly concentrated on the surface of blades,so they will aggravate the speed of wear and destroy.The head and efficiency increase slightly when the solid phase particle concentration increases,and the head increases comparing the pre and post curves.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 95-99 [Abstract] ( 1494 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 339KB] ( 839 )
100 Performance predictions of high pressure pump for 10000 tons reverse osmosis desalination system based on CFD
Gong Enxiang,Zhou Shenggui,Xiao Xiaping,Wang Jun,Yang Sunsheng
The internal flows of six groups of high pressure pump for 10 000 tons Reverse Osmosis Desalination System hydraulic model were simulated by FLUENT,and their performance characteristics were predicted by using Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes(RANS) equations,k-ε turbulence model and multi-reference frame.Two groups of high-efficiency hydraulic model were selected to combine two single-stage model pumps for test research.Comparing the prediction and test performances,the capacity- head curve is closer near the flow region with high efficiency;the error is within the permitted extent by the engineering application.The efficiency from test is lower than that from simulation,because in CFD calculation the volumetric loss and mechanical loss are not considered.The adjusted data from simulation is close to the experimental one.The test shows that the efficiency of the model pump is close to 80%.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 100-104 [Abstract] ( 1998 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 331KB] ( 1146 )
105 Experiment for axial thrust of multi-stage pump for seawater desalination
He Yujie,Zhou Guangfeng,Pan Jinqiu,Yang Sunsheng,Wang Jun
By experimental investigation on the axial force for a single-stage model pump of the seawater desalination multi-stage pump,the relationship among the chamber pressure,the pump capacity,the head,and the radius was found out,which can be used to revise the traditional axial thrust formula.There are great differences between the results calculated from the traditional formula and the test ones.The reason is that the traditional formula is under the assumption that the liquid in the pump chamber is rotating at ω/2;however the trends of the axial thrusts in the two results are identical,they all reach the biggest value at the point without flow.The calculated values of the revised formula agree well with that from test at all flow rates and radius.  
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 105-110 [Abstract] ( 1787 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 336KB] ( 1142 )
111 Finite element analysis on gear tangency stress of straight conjugate internal gear
Yuan Danqing,Kang Shibin,Cong Xiaoqing,Liu Mengxian
 Based on the analysis of the gear′s force,the finite element method was applied to calculate the tangency intensity of the straight conjugate internal gear pump′s gear,and the result was compared with that calculated from empirical fomulas.The comparison shows that the calculation results of the two methods agree well thus it proves the feasibility and superiority of finite element analysis in the design and material selection of the conjugate internal gear pump.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 111-114 [Abstract] ( 2013 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 266KB] ( 1159 )
115 Improved design and performance forecasting of non-overload centrifugal pumps based on FLUENT
Wang Yang,He Wenjun
The methods to reduce centrifugal pump′s power consumption and to avoid motor overload have been discussed.The method to reduce power by clogging flow passage has been presented.Two attempts on IS 50-32-160 non-overload centrifugal pump have been carried out by using the software FLUENT to forecast the performance.After clogging flow passage for second time,the maximal power was reduced by 10.4% and the non-overload characteristic had been presented.When the flow passage was clogged by 1/4,the proportion between inlet and outlet among two blades was changed to 1.16.The results of forecast are as following: adopting correct method of clogging flow passage,reducing the power of centrifugal pumps,thus their efficiency would be improved.The correct method of clogging flow passage must consider two factors,the ratio of clogging flow passage and an effective area proportion between inlet and outlet among two blades.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 115-118 [Abstract] ( 1719 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 291KB] ( 982 )
119 Numerical study on separation chamber of rotational flow in self-priming pump
Cui Yusong,Si Yanlei,Yi Tongxiang,Wu Zhiwang,Wang Chunlin
The separation chamber of rotational flow in self-priming pump is an important factor for pump performance.The three-dimensional incompressible turbulent steady rotational flow in self-priming pump was simulated by using standard k-ε model and multiple reference frame model in FLUENT.The interior flow field distribution in the gas-liquid separation chamber was obtained,and its distribution rule was analyzed.A performance forecast model was established,and models with different separation chamber heights were forecasted and contrasted.It was revealed that separation chamber heights have great influence on basic performance.However,its influence on efficiency was little.In order to get the best general performance,there is an optimal separation chamber height under a scheme.By comparing the performance forecast,the optimal value can be estimated.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 119-123 [Abstract] ( 1607 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 312KB] ( 1088 )
124 Numerical simulation of solid-Liquid two-phase flow and abrasion characteristics in desulfurization pump
LI Yi,HE Weiqiang,Zhu Zuchao,Zhang Yuliang,Cui Baoling
Particle concentration distribution,velocity distribution and abrasion characteristics were studied by using numerical simulation of the solid-liquid two -phase flow in a desulfurization pump.The volume fraction of solid particles along the blade pressure sides is higher than the suction sides and increases when the particle diameter increases.Particles in the volute are mainly distributed near the wall.The volume fraction increases with the increase of particle diameter.The relative-velocity vector direction is basically along the blade surface.This indicates that it′s the sliding wear in the blades.Particles collide with the volute wall with a small angle.The angle increases with the increase of the particle diameter.Solid particles move to the volute outlet along walls while they extrude the walls by the effect of centrifugal force.So serious abrasion appears in the volute.The particles moving track is disorder near the position of volute tongue.The impact wear occurs near the tongue region.Numerical simulation results are consistent with the actual situation.It follows that the calculating method is feasible.  
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 124-128 [Abstract] ( 1850 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 375KB] ( 1092 )
129 Performance analysis and design improvement of thrust bearing bush in a large vertical pump unit  
Sun Mingquan,Qiu Baoyun,Kan Yonggeng
The performance of the thrust bearing bush of the main motor in a large vertical pump unit was studied,and the cause of burnout malfunction of the main motor thrust bush in No.4 Pumping Station of Jiangdu Hydro-junction was analyzed.A thrust bearing bush with elastically metallic plastics as a substitute for babbit alloy was used for the structure imrovement in the main motor.According to the application of the elastically metallic plastic thrust bush,and by comparison with the babbit thrust bush,the special attention for the application of the elastically metallic plastic thrust bush was introduced.Through 20 000 hours safe operation,wear extent of the plastic bush was less than 0.05 mm.At the same time,the main pump unit operated steadily;its plastic bush temperature was held at about 30 ℃ and its cooling water temperature kept around 20 ℃.Therefore,the design improvement adopting the plastic bush could ultimately decrease the probability of the burnout trouble.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 129-133 [Abstract] ( 1609 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 406KB] ( 975 )
134 Wind-powered electricity generation in China  
Gao Liangrun
The guiding principles for energy development in China are expounded,including energy saving,plurality development,scientific utilization of energy,vigorous exploitation of domestic and abroad resources,and sustainable development for sufficient,clean,economic and safe energy structure.Brief review of wind-powered electricity generation in the world,research and invention of wind-powerd electricity generating unit in China are presented.China is listed fifth in the world and second in Asia.Up to 2005,research and invention of wind-powered electricity generating unit were in the stage of technology,equipment imports and cooperative manufacture.The initiative invention routes of research and invention of large scale integrated net wind-powered electricity generating unit in China are introduction,digestion,absorption and invention.From now on,large volume wind energy resource on the sea will be exploited and wind-powered electricity generating station on the sea will be constructed vigorously.
2009 Vol. 27 (2): 134-136 [Abstract] ( 1273 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 198KB] ( 914 )


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