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Journal of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engin
2009 Vol.27 Issue.1
Published 2009-01-30

1 Effects of impeller outlet angle on solid-liquid two phase flow in centrifugal pump
Liu Dong,Yang Minguan,Dong Xiang
To study the solid-liquid two-phase flow mechanism in centrifugal pump with different impeller outlet angles,three-dimensional simulation was performed for the solid-liquid two-phase turbulent flow in this kind pump by using Fluent software with Eulerian model,SIMPLEC algorithm and standard k-ε turbulence model.The effects of impeller outlet angle on the solid-liquid two phase flow in the centrifugal pump were fully analyzed.The result shows that the direction of relative motion of particles is towards the pressure side of the impeller,the velocity difference between two phases is more obvious in the impeller with large outlet angle.And more particles accumulate near the pressure side of the impeller with large outlet angle,which results in large particles impact on the tail of the blade.The outlet pressure is increased as the outlet angle becomes larger.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 1-5 [Abstract] ( 1603 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 341KB] ( 834 )
6 Design and experiment of desulphurization pump based on CFD
Liu Jianrui,Xiao Zhijie,Wang Hongrui,Teng Renbo
Based on the empirical coefficient method,the hydraulic design of desulphurization pump has been improved by increasing the outlet width of the blade.The Fluent software and Euler model for multi-phase flow were adopted for the numerical simulation of the pump.The results show that the static pressure of pressure side is higher than that of the suction side;the lowest pressure of the inlet appears on the back side of the blade,which will result in cavitation;the grain was transferred to the direction of pressure side of the impeller with the increase of the granular radius.The abrasion of the blade appears mainly at the inlet and outlet of the blade because of the centrifugal force.The experiments show that the efficiency is 82.0%,the performance curve is flat,and the high efficiency range is wide.All the technical parameters are satisfied for the design requirements.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 6-9 [Abstract] ( 1636 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 264KB] ( 1275 )
10 Measurement system design of flow-induced noise in centrifugal pumps
Yuan Shouqi,Yang Yong,Yuan Jianping,Luo Yin
A measurement system for flow-induced noise based on LabVIEW is designed and applied in the test.The system can easily collect noise signal,and obtain the characteristic of noise.With the sensor ST70 measuring induced noise signal and being sent to applied modules to analyze frequency in virtual instrument modules,it can be used to understand the state of unit running.By comparing five flow mea-surements,it shows that signal′s time domain tends to fluctuated wave and its amplitude decreases as flow rate increase.Signals are almost constant at low frequency,but from 500 to 1 000 Hz,two obvious peaks appear and have little change.There is a trency which peaks from 1 000 to 2 000 Hz turns out as flow is growing.Signals by ST70 can represent the basic characteristics of flow-induced noise in test.The measurement system applied in time domain,frequency domain,band octave and so on can be satisfied to meet engineering and research needs in the future.  
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 10-14 [Abstract] ( 1807 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 339KB] ( 1308 )
15 Experimental study of guide vane influence on performance of axial-flow pump
Li Zhong,Yang Minguan,Wang Xiaokun
The external performance of designed axial-flow pump was tested with and without guide vane.Using the five-hole probe to measure the flow field at the inlet and outlet of guide vane through the mea-suring holes,the velocity components curves were given.The experimental results show that the power curves of pump with guide vane and without guide vane are the same.The guide vane has no influence on the performance of the impeller.At the efficiency point,the circular velocity at the outlet of guide vane is small and the recovering rotating kinetic energy of the guide vane is about 15.7% of total energy.The operating point of pump without guide vane will move to the lower flow,so the design of axial-flow pump without guide vane needs parameter compensation.Using the five-hole probe to measure the three-dimensional velocity distribution of flow field has the merits of simple operation and well applicability.The experimental data reveals the guide vane influence on performance of axial-flow pump and provides reference for the further study of flow field in axial-flow pump.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 15-18 [Abstract] ( 2603 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 245KB] ( 1265 )
19 Design of hydraulic fixer in test bench of pump
Wang Yang,Wu Denghao,Zhang Xiang,Yang Yancai
The design processes of pump hydraulic fixer from several aspects are presented,such as the design of system structure,the analysis of clamp′s strength,the design of hydraulic system and the principle of electric control.To ensure no leak phenomenon,the technique of groove and seal is applied in pipe connective part.The results show that hydraulic fixer strength is about 88.238 kN and the least working pressure is about 17.563 MPa under the pressure of 6.4 MPa in hydraulic cylinder.Compared with traditional flange alignment,the test results show that the fixer has no leak phenomenon,hydraulic loss on alignment part has declined about 0.156%,and the number of pump tested in the same time is 1.5 times than before,so it can greatly improve efficiency of pumps′ testing.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 19-24 [Abstract] ( 1771 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 346KB] ( 1215 )
25 Optimal design of high pressure pump for 10000tons reverse osmosis desalination system
Hu Jingning,Xiao Xiaping,Zhou Shenggui,Zhou Guangfeng,Pan Jinqiu
 Considering the energy consumption of the HP-pump for SWRO,a reasonable type of high pressure pump was selected,and a new structure of the axial suction segment multistage pump was proposed.Based on the existing effective hydraulic models,through optimizing several key hydraulic dimensions which affect the efficiency,six kinds of impeller models and two kinds of guide vanes were designed,and six groups of hydraulic models were assembled.Performance characteristics of these models were predicted by using the CFD technology.Two groups of high-efficiency hydraulic models were selec-ted to produce two single-stage model pumps for test research.The tests show that the capacity and head meet the requirements of the HP-pump,and the efficiency of the best model pump reaches to 79.72%.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 25-29 [Abstract] ( 1762 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 313KB] ( 1175 )
30 Numerical simulation for adjustable high specific speed mixed-flow pump
Wang Chunlin,Zheng Haixia,Zhang Hao,Si Yanlei
 Three kinds of adjustable high specific speed mixed-flow pump were simulated by using commercial software Fluent.Reynolds time-averaged N-S equations and the standard k-ε turbulent model were adopted.Multiple reference frame model of rotating fluid mechanical model was used.Absolute velocity and static pressure distribution of the cross-section of the highest point at entrance of blade of 0 riding angle model were mainly analyzed.Relative velocity and static pressure of the pressure surface of the impeller and static pressure of guide blade were also analyzed and compared.The impact phenomenon at back flow of +4 riding angle was captured.Relative velocity of pressure surface of guide blade of 0 riding angle was analyzed.In the result,guide blade sufficiently displays its function of energy conversion and anti-circulation.The interior flow of high specific speed mixed-flow pump was revealed by the results of the analysis.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 30-34 [Abstract] ( 1770 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 385KB] ( 1464 )
35 PIV measurement and numerical simulation of flow field in multi-nozzle jet pump
Yuan Danqing,Bai Bin,Wang Guanjun,Cong Xiaoqing,Chen Xiangyang
In order to study the performance and flow characteristic of multi-nozzle jet pump,the multi-nozzle jet pumps with different structures are designed.The pumps with different structural parameters are simulated numerically using k-ε model and wall functions.The results showed that the number of nozzles,the nozzle angle and the nozzle-to-throat clearance have a great influence on the performance of jet pump,and the turbulent kinetic energy is greater in suction chamber and in inlet of throat.PIV is used to measure the internal flow field of jet pumps with different structures.Velocity vectors and turbulent kinetic energy contours on the symmetry plate of the jet pump are obtained.The results show that the faster the velocity gradient decays,the shorter mixing distances of operating fluid and the drawn liquid are.The multi-nozzle jet pump could shorten the length of throat pipe.The measurement results agree with the numerical simulation.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 35-38 [Abstract] ( 1956 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 339KB] ( 1225 )
39 Linetype optimization and experiment on volute outlet passage in large pumping stations
Li Yanjun,Yan Dengfeng,Yan Hongqin,Hu Deyi,Feng Xusong
 After optimum hydraulic design and model test with series of schemes,the major geometrical parameters with excellent hydraulic performances are obtained for the outlet volute passages of large pumping stations.The guide-water cone was optimized by hydraulic design,and the radius of the volute curvature was increased while the width of the outlet passages was not changed and the length of expansive channel was lengthened.With the ratio(10.27) of prototype and model,blade angle(-2°) and speed(1 400 r/min) remained unchanged,the highest efficiency of pump sets with the volute passage is over 78%,which has increased by 6% than before and has exceeded the level of vertical pump set with the commonly used structural types of inlet and outlet passages.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 39-42 [Abstract] ( 1646 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 264KB] ( 1109 )
43 Hydraulic optimization of stilling basin of plain pump-gateway with CFD method
Zheng Yuan,Liu Wenming,Huang Xibin,Li Gaohui,Huang Yugui
 Based on the analysis on the disadvantage of the formulas representing cross-section velocity distribution uniformity of inlet conduit of water pumping station,two formulas,namely,the cross-section of effective flow area ratio and the flow uniformity were established by taking river flow characteristics into consideration.Hydraulic optimizations for stilling basin and wing wall of an unilaterally-arranged-pump-gateway were conducted with 3D steady numerical simulation by regarding the formulas as objective function.The results of numerical simulation were verified through the model experiment.According to the engineering condition,it is concluded that the excessive length of the stilling basin has a negative impact on the effect of energy dissipation.Setting auxiliary devices for stilling basin and reducing the length of the wing wall are good choice.Riprap protection at the end of the apron extension can solve the problem that water velocity exceeds the resisting flow velocity of riverbed.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 43-46 [Abstract] ( 1659 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 247KB] ( 1146 )
47 3D turbulet flow and hydraulic loss for pump system with horizontal forward-extension shaft
Lu Linguang,Liang Jindong,Chen Aping,Liu Ronghua
The numerical simulation is applied to study the 3D flow field and hydraulic performance of the pump system with horizontal forward extension shaft.The flow patterns and hydraulic loss of the inlet and outlet conduits are obtained respectively.Meanwhile the method of transparent conduit model test is applied to verify the simulation results.The results indicate that the flow patterns of numerical simulation for inlet and outlet conduits of the pump system with horizontal forward extension shaft are consistent with those of the model tests.There is local vortex within a limited extent behind the pump shaft in the inlet conduit.The velocity uniformity degree at the outlet section of the inlet conduit is 96.9%.The flow at the inlet of the outlet conduit has a little vortex and enters into the outlet conduit spirally.The velocity around the outer part of the outlet is greater,while the velocity near the center of the outlet conduit is less.The hydraulic loss from the numerical simulation for the inlet and outlet conduits is 0.142 m and 0.163 m respectively,while the model test result is 0.137 m and 0.168 m respectively.The pump system with horizontal forward extension shaft can be applied for a pumping station with low head.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 47-50 [Abstract] ( 2141 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 284KB] ( 1064 )
51 Experimental study on pump discharge measurement for large-scale and low-lift pumping station by using ultrasonic flowmeter
Zhou Jiren,Yang Hua,Cheng Li,Tang Fangping
Because of the complex cross-section and flow pattern in the inlet passage of the large-scale and low-lift pumping station,it is difficult to select the reasonable section for discharge measurement.In this paper,we propose to determine the transducer installation section for ultrasonic flowmeter and to optimize the pairs of installed transducers through 3-dimensional turbulent numerical simulation of the inlet passage.Combined with pump system model test for Baoying pumping station of East Route of South-to-North Water Diversion Project,two ultrasonic flowmeters are compared with discharge testing equipment of high accuracy for hydraulic machinery.The results show that the two ultrasonic flowmeters have high precision and stability,their maximal relative errors are 1.60% and 0.39% respectively.So,these two ultrasonic flowmeters can be used to improve the precision of pump discharge measurement,which can satisfy the precision requirements in site test.  
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 51-54 [Abstract] ( 2335 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 241KB] ( 1147 )
55 Information management of country small pumping station
Wang Yeming,Zou Jiade,Wu Feng
With paper archive and Excel data source of country small pumping station as engineering background,the information management,its method and implementation technique are studied.By using advanced universal DBMS and chart supporting system,the management software of country small pumping station is developed.This management software solves a number of problems like data acquisition,data updating,methods of information query,statistical significance,automatic creating data report and data output.It also connects universal chart supporting system AutoCAD by universal database system ACCESS,to achieve the goals of dynamic querying pumping station in ACCESS database from engineering drawing and its reversed function.  
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 55-59 [Abstract] ( 1704 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 447KB] ( 1081 )
60 Numerical calculation and structural optimization for inlet flow field of single wing labyrinth drip irrigation emitter
Wang Xinkun,Li Yafei
Through the survey about the clog for using emitters,it is found that clog happens in the inlets and their neighboring regions.From the investigation about the structure characteristic,the hydraulic performance analysis and numerical simulation of the internal flow field for the inlet of single wing labyrinth drip irrigation emitter,which are extensively used now,we conclude that there are disadvantages in the design of the emitter multi-inlets safety control,filtration,anti-clogging functions and so on.CAD is used to modify the structure and size.CFD is used to optimize hydraulic performances of single wing labyrinth drip irrigation emitters.It is found that there is a similar flow rate among the five inlets,and well-proportioned flow velocity distribution in the inlets.As a result,there is no ultra-low velocity region,the sediment of the inlets region is reduced,the anti-clogging ability of the emitter is improved,and the safeguard function of the multi-inlets is realized.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 60-63 [Abstract] ( 1842 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 266KB] ( 1176 )
65 Development and prospect of deep well pump in China
Shi Weidong,Wang Hongliang,Yu Xuejun,Lu Weigang,Li Qifeng
A brief history of development of deep well pump was reviewed.The structure,the hydraulic design,and the axial thrust were discussed in details.The viewpoint is presented that the stamping and welding well pump made by Grundfos Co.is a product with wide prospect according to the surveys on the present domestic and abroad technologies.It is also pionted out that deep well pump using the patent of "a kind of axial thrust self-balance for the multi-stage centrifugal pump" represents an excellent replacing product in the future.Numerical simulation in the balance of axial thrust is an effective method.
2009 Vol. 27 (1): 65-68 [Abstract] ( 2367 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 371KB] ( 1408 )


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